Caution: toy problem <BR>By:Ellen<P>I have told everyone that I loved the cat balls with the bell in the middle. They are made out of plastic.My kids love pushing them around with thier noses and just playing with them. BUT....Last night my Patrick got his front toes caught in the spaces between the plastic. It was at the top of the ball where the spaces are smaller. He was trying to throw it off or do anything he could do to get it off. At first I thougt he was just playing with it. I had my back to the cage and was on the pc and laughing at how silly he can be. BUT when I got a feeling this was TOO loud with the bell I went and looked and saw the above. I had to get my husband to help me hold him while i cut the plastic off his fingers. He seemed ok and took and held a grape. But oh I was scared... <BR>I checked on him all night and he seems fine. I just had him out and his foot was normal. <BR>Had I not been in the room I don't know what he would have done to himself. He was FRANTIC! (and so was Windy his cage mate). <BR>So let me retract my indorsements for the cat balls that are made of plastic. I have removed all of them from all cages.<BR>