WARNING!!!!! ZIPPERS ON pouches <BR>By: LUV DEM GLIDERS<P>A friend of mine just got her glider back (last week) from the vet after a 3 day stay....her bonding pouch has a zipper on it....and somehow the glider got his tail in it, and when she tried to open it, it just mutilated his tail. If you have zippers on your pouches, I suggest you remove them and replace with velcro...you can get velcro strong enough to keep a glider in if necessary. I wouldn't want to see anyone's glider suffer this way. He can't glide or even balance now and the vet says it is not likely he will regain his balance. Granted this won't happen to everyone, but do you want to risk being that one? Don't take the chance, it isn't that much work to fix it. <P>