Beemer <BR>Written by Chet and Ruth<P>We had gotten our glider at the age of 3 months and followed everything <BR>we had read to ensure his safety and security. We named him "Beemer". He <BR>was a very healthy and loving companion for my wife and I. We had gotten <BR>more attached to this little critter then we had ever realized. One <BR>morning I noticed him crabbing in his nesting box and raised the lid to <BR>see what was bothering him. He was chewing on his penis and was curled <BR>in a ball and sometimes would run around in circles. I knew that <BR>something was wrong but wasn't sure what it could be. We took him to a <BR>vet that was recommended locally and they had given us some antibiotic <BR>cream and some powder to treat worms "thinking that was the problem". <BR>After a couple of days it seemed that Beemer was doing better but we <BR>soon found out that was not the case. His condition had gotten much <BR>worse. He had been chewing so much that he had chewed the chute where <BR>the penis retracts completely away and also his anus. The vet we took <BR>him too said that she would try to do some surgery to repair the damage <BR>and we could come back in a hour or so to pick him up. At this point we <BR>were relieved that he would be ok. When we returned to pick our baby up <BR>The vet took us in a room and told us that there was too much damage to <BR>repair and we could take him home to die but the best thing would be to <BR>put him down. She asked if we wanted to see him before we left and I <BR>couldn't bring myself to do it But My wife had to say good-bye. After <BR>about 5 minutes of crying, I made myself go into the operating room to <BR>check on my wife and see Beemer one last time. It was one of the hardest <BR>things I have ever done. When we left the Building, My wife and I had to <BR>sit in my truck for about 20 minutes because neither of us were in any <BR>shape to drive. When we finally arrived home, There sat Beemer's empty <BR>cage and all his things, and the pain hit us again. It was terrible!! <BR>After reading and doing some studies, I will never, ever, keep a single <BR>male glider by himself again. I am not sure that this is the problem, <BR>but it most certainly seems to be an issue at this point. If anyone <BR>notices the penis on their glider not retracting, Please get medical <BR>attention right away! Chet and Ruth <P>