Bonbon <BR>Written by LOveternal<P><BR>I recently moved in with my fiancÚ, across the country. I took <BR>all my precious belongings, including my cat, BonBon. <BR>He was a little concerned at first that my cat might try to <BR>attack his sugar glider, but I assured him that when we left the house, we could keep my cat in the bathroom with her bed, poobox, food and water and she would be fine. so that's what we did, every time we left the house, Bonbon got locked <BR>up. I felt bad, but I didn't want her to harm the glider... and <BR>cats aren't that choosy about space... <BR>One night we had gone to Petco to get some new toys for the <BR>glider and ended up being gone 1 1/2 hours. We came back and somehow Bonbon had escaped the bathroom by pulling on the door handle, and figured out how to get into the cage.... When I walked into the room I saw Bonbon dash across the room in a <BR>flash, I knew something had happened... I ran over to the glider cage to look inside and I didn't see the glider. I began to tear through the room searching and hoping the glider was hidden or <BR>had gotten away... <BR>My fiancÚ walked in, and he knew instantly what had happened.. He moved aside the comforter to the bed that was dragging on the floor and there lay the little glider... <BR>I picked up Bonbon and locked her up in the bathroom, half <BR>angry and completely upset.. <BR>Tears streamed down my face as my fiancÚ placed the little <BR>thing in his curious george box and started to dig in the backyard.... I felt terrible <BR>I got in touch shortly after the incident with Arlington Humane <BR>Society and their policy on giving up animals for adoption... <BR>I took my cat, whom I had owned for two years to the humane <BR>society, who assured me that she would not be euthanized, due to her good health and since I had her medical records... <BR>I arranged shortly after to purchase a new glider from a <BR>breeder in Maryland... who I know will not replace the loss, but at least comfort it... <BR>The main reason I am submitting this story is too stress the <BR>importance of not having any other animals that could endanger gliders: cats, dogs or any predatory animal, they are so tiny... and virtually defenseless. <BR>Thank you <P>