Important Information <BR>By: Anita<P>I had a scare with my male glider. I am a new sugarglider owner and have had my babies only about 3 1/2 months now. Quigley my male is 20wks OOP. I came home from work the other night and he was sitting in a cradle position with one eye half open and the other eye fully open and he was twitching every little bit. (I thought he might be asleep or dreaming). I tried to wake him up but he wouldn't respond. I tried talking to him, I tapped on the cage but still no response. I opened up the cage and when I touched him he became alert. But still looked & acted confused. I worked with him alittle bit & then got him to lick some water off my finger's and a little applesauce then he began to come around. This had never happened before. I made an appt. for him and took him to the vet. The vet said it sounded like he had a hypoglycemia (low sugar) which these babies are known to have alot. He said if he acts this way again, I need to give him a drop of Karo Syrup on my finger. Then he should come around within about 3-5 minutes. We talked about his diet I told him everything that Quigley eats. He said he wasn't missing anything in his diet. But just take an extra precaution an keep an extra eye on him for a little while longer. He seems to be doing ok now. But boy was I a worried mom. By the way Quig's is 20wks OOP and weighs: 3oz / Sydney (Quig's mate) is 20wks OOP also and weighs: just under 2oz. The vet said they look good and seem to be doing great. I thought that this information might come in handy. Hope my message wasn't to long. Thanks <P>