warning about certain nest boxes <BR>by: heavenskid<P>I have the kind of nest box whereas the lid is lifted in the front and the back of the lid goes down a bit in the box. It is wood. Last night when I went in the room to see if my babies had fininshe with their pinkies, I found Athena with her front paw caught in the back of the lid. She made no noise and could have been stuck there a 1/2 hr. I quickly got her out and she was limping. No vet at that time of night. This morning she was much better. When I get home from work and check her if she is limping at all I will take her to the vet. This box is gone now. Please becareful. If anyone is new with caring for your gliders, please check and recheck everything your baby comes in contact with. It broke my heart to see her limp. <P>