since john isn't getting too much help here, i'll post some of the scary things that happened before i got my head out of u know where and took better care of my gliders. i had heard the warning of keeping all the lids down on the tiolets so they don't get, can't get out and drown. and i hadn't heard about the one where they can get right out under that crack between the door and the floor. i let them out to play and went to watch tv. the bathroom door was shut, how would they get out?? well bullwinkle did. when i went to put the away she was missing. i couldn't find her at all that night or the next morning before i went to work. when i got home i banged around, moved things, poked behind stuff hoping she would crab. she hated being woken up. nothing. i sat down and cried. after the tears stoped i thought i heard something. i looked all over, but couldn't figure where the noise was from. i finally looked up, and there she was. in my 55gal fishtank, sitting on top of a filterhead, half under water. she must have gotten thirsty and fell in. so don't just watch for tiolets. anything with water in the, even a large muc with just a little water in it, anyhwere near u're babies can ckill them. bullwinkle ended up alright. i dried her and warmed her slowly, but ALWAYS watch them.<P>------------------<BR>My reality check just bounced.<BR>Rocky,Mango,Smokey,Saide, and Chunky Butt.<BR>" Go for the good of the glider" - Cynthia Whiteshell