this is another idiot who didn't watch the gliders well. (me) well i forgot to latch the cage door when i was done playing for the night. sure enough bullwinkle got out for the night. i found her the next morning behind the ferret cages (it's a wonder i didn't kill these precious babies through stupid ignorance). she looked like she was all wet, but when i picked her up she was all oily. i smelled it and it was motor oil. my fiance had changed the oil in the truck earlier the day before and left the pan in the utillity room without cleaning it out. she had run all through it. well i posted here for anyone with suggestions. dishsoap finally did the trick. ya know the comercial.. dawn gets grease out of u're way.... well four baths later, and rinsing her so very very very well. i had to get all the soap off her as ell as the oil. not a happy glider, and almost a dead glider.