Posted by: Cynthia<P>For years I have been warning people not to use socks as a pouch or in the nest because pulled threads can get wrapped around their limbs; like a tourniquet and they have to have them amputated. In one case a glider got it's head and neck wrapped up in the string and the more that it twisted the tighter the threads got and the glider eventually killed itself.<BR>I turn a pair of my gliders loose in my room every night. For months they have enjoyed sneaking into my pillow even when I am laying on it. Well the lining is ripped on one of the pillows and the gliders love to snuggle down in that pillow. They have been doing that for months.<BR>The other night I had let Pumba and Timone loose in the room. They have two Joey’s just three weeks OOP. The parent gliders were in my pillow. I don't know why I went in there again so soon after turning them loose but am thankful that I did. Pumba had gotten her head through some of the stuffing and had it twisted so tight that I had trouble getting the bandage scissors between her neck and the string. I dared not use regular sharp pointed scissors for fear that I cut her. She was still crabbing loudly and trying to attack me and who could blame her. She was terrified. After releasing her I held her and comforted her until she had calmed down then I placed her into her nest with her babies. That is all that it took to calm her. I have since put that pillow and case into another pillow case and if they try to get into that one, out in the trash it goes and I get a new one. No pillow no matter how comfortable is worth the lives of one of my gliders. So take heed folks. Even when you think that your room may be glider proofed there are always dangers and hazards, things that could not only maim but also kill. Please watch the fabrics that are in use around your gliders.<BR>------------------ <BR>