Posted by: Cynthia<P>A friend contacted me last night concerning one of her gliders. In the cage she had a pocket bed for them to sleep in and it hangs onto the cage with two small chains. Her male got his tail caught in one of the chains as he went to bed probably twisted the pouch around while crawling into it and got his tail caught in one of the small chains. When she found him caught like that he was immobile and she thought that he was dead. Now keep in mind that she had checked on them just a couple of hours before finding him this way. Things like this can happen so quickly. He wasn't dead but he was very thirsty and went straight for the water once she got him loose. Part of the hair of his tail is gone and his tail may even be broken. He goes into the vets this morning. It appears that he has good blood flow to the end of the tail. The Warning--Don't use pocket beds or pouches that hang onto the cage with the small chains. This may have been a fluke, but if it can happen to one glider, it can happen to any of them. Many gliders lost parts of their tails in the exercise wheels that have spokes before we learned to advise using the hamster balls on the stand or the wodent wheels. I don't want to see that happen with these pocket beds or pouches with chains. Why take unnecessary risks?<BR>------------------ <BR>