Posted by: Cynthia<P>As for the HLP, since I have some experience here. It generally starts out looking as if they may have injured one of their back legs or foot. They just don't seem to be carrying it right. That progresses to the point, and sometimes very quickly, to where they do drag their back legs and do not move them at all. It is as though they are totally useless. If this is not treated promptly they will then begin to have seizures and die. So at the very first sign of a glider seeming to have injured a back foot or leg get that glider into a vet for a checkup and possible calcium injection.<BR>------------------ <P>Posted by: Cynthia<BR> <BR>Signs of HLP are from a slight favoring of one hind leg or foot to the complete dragging and non-use of both hind legs. Lethargy does not usually enter into it.<BR>However lethargy is a signal that something is wrong, any change in behavior, appetite, or appearance should be taken seriously and your glider should be taken to a vet. These animals are very good at hiding illness until they are just too sick to hide it any more and then many times it is too late to treat them. Lethargy can be a sign of depression, hypoglycemia, and a vast array of serious illnesses. Please for the sake of your loved one if you notice any change in them, take them to a vet to be checked. <BR>------------------ <P>