We went out to dinner, and came home rather late. I usually feed Macy around 10pm- but it was now 2am. She was, of course, very awake at this time, and excited to see me (as I rarely leave her home). <P>I opened her cage to place the dish of fruit in, and she climbed onto my hand. I thought, "Isn't this GREAT? []http://www.sugarglider.net/ubb/images/icons/smile.gif[/]" I had not experienced her wanting to come to me when awake, yet- so this was the first time. (I've only had her for 4 months at this point).<P>Well, I wasn't paying attention to her, more to where i was setting the dish of food... the room was pretty dark- and the next thing I knew I had this horrible pain in my right eye, and I felt little glider feet on my face!<P>She had jumped and landed right in my eye. I literally had to pluck her tiny claw out of my eyeball. (*ew*, I know.)<P>I put her back into the cage and cried a little. It hurt. I could see out of it, but it was burning and watering. I knew it wasn't bad enough for the ER- so I went to bed and saw the Dr. in the morning.<P>Turns out she scratched my cornea from one side to the other. I was put on antibiotic drops every 2 hours (even including waking up in the middle of the night to drop them in)- and also had drops to dialate my eye every 6 hours.<P>Luckily, I started to feel better about 2 days later. The medicine helped. At 2am tonight, it will be exactly a week since this happened. I feel pretty much back to normal- although the Dr says I have water under my tissues which usually happens with abrasion and this may cause me to see things blurry now and then. I don't know when this will go away. Hopefully soon!<P>Anyhow.... just be careful when playing with your gliders!- and be sure to go see a doctor if this happens to you. I also called my vet to get his statement about gliders so I could pass it along to my eye doctor.<P>-Steph<P>------------------<BR>Steph: []http://www.geocities.com/honeydew8804/ezboard/steph3.jpg[/] and Macy: []http://www.geocities.com/honeydew8804/ezboard/macy3.jpg[/]