Posted by: Bourbon<P>I personally would never advocate a glider running free all night, without supervision. There are many reasons I feel this way. <BR>John, in a recent post you talked about the gliders gliding and not always being "right on target" well that is true, the stories I have read about gliders running unsupervised outnumbers those injured and killed the illnesses. Many owners have lost gliders and not known what has happened to them, broken legs, tails etc.; in Kim’s case her glider got his toes wrapped up in a cord attached to one of their toys. It could have been much worse; it could have been his neck.<BR>Gliders when the door is opened can easily be behind, under or on the door…or worse on the frame.<BR>1 thing to always ask yourself, as they are much like toddlers... in a child proof room, would you leave your toddler in there for about 8 hours without supervision? Of course not, too many things could happen...Gliders are no different...<BR>The best way to be sure your gliders are safe, is to glider proof and supervise. There are many thing that can be a hazard, and even more are being noted... too bad that in order to get a complete list, sometimes a glider must die or get hurt. Please I beg of you, love your glider enough to supervise them...<BR>------------------<BR>