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12/07/17 08:13 AM

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#1822 - 10/24/00 11:41 PM Rocky's Story....

In Early spring 99 we got a call from a woman who was looking to unload <BR>several sugar gliders. They were her daughters pets and she (the <BR>daughter) was marrying soon and did not have the time to spend with the gliders. <BR>When we arrived we discovered three gliders, a breeding pair (the male was <BR>never named) that we dubbed Brad and Janet in one cage, and a single male <BR>in a smaller cage. We paid the woman for the cages, (against my gut <BR>instinct) and left. <P>Once we got home we discovered that the gliders were in bas shape. Brad <BR>and Janet were obese for gliders. Rocky was almost dead. He screamed every <BR>time your touched him. If you came near him he reared back in the hands <BR>up posture and ratcheted like their was no tomorrow. He was not able to walk <BR>or climb. <P>Once I realized what was wrong with him (Nutritional Osteodystrophy {Hind <BR>leg Paralysis}) I immediately sent an email to bourbon and posted to <BR>several groups to find help while searching the web like a demon. Once I got a <BR>Ledbetter's recipe (reinforced with NeoCalglucon) I started the feedings. <BR>Every three to four hours as much Ledbetter's, juice, and water as I could <BR>force down his gullet. Every night I cried myself to sleep, afraid that <BR>he would die before I awoke for the next feeding. This went on for five days <BR>and nights until he started showing an interest in food again and was able <BR>to feed himself. <P>While he as out of danger things were still not right. He still did not <BR>act like a glider. He was not able to walk correctly for several months <BR>but eventually he was able to jump and glide. <P>I eventually got the story from the lady we got the gliders from: Rocky <BR>(named for Rocky Balboa for fighting to live so hard) had been the first <BR>litter of Brad and Janet's. Janet had been a pocket pet until she was <BR>almost a year old. Then Brad was purchased and put in the cage with here <BR>and they were both basically ignored. Rocky came along and was give to <BR>the young girl's fiancée. This person had no idea how to feed or raise a <BR>glider. Rocky was fed saltines and honeycomb and was lucky he lived long <BR>enough to get to me. <P>Janet never recovered from the loss of her human. She never gentled down <BR>to being with other people. Eventually she got preggers again and the strain <BR>of having another baby was too much for her to handle. She stressed and <BR>ate the joey before it ever saw the light of day and died herself a couple of <BR>weeks later. I think she actually died of loneliness. The necropsy <BR>showed no physical reason for her death. <P>About three weeks after Janet died I came home from work and found Rocky <BR>so weak he could not even cry out. There was no sign of injury and he had <BR>been eating just fine. He died in Mike's hands that night. Since I could not <BR>afford a necropsy I buried him in the flower garden. I just broke down <BR>and bawled. <P>Thinking of Janet and Rocky still brings tears to my eyes. They are the <BR>reason we added the Rescue to our company name, Glider Adoptions and <BR>Rescue. I just could not bear to think of another glider being mis-treated like <BR>this. The next time I rescue a glider in the shape these wonderful babies <BR>were in I will report the owners for abuse. <BR> <BR>

#1823 - 10/24/00 02:57 PM Re: Rocky's Story.... [Re: ]

That is so heartbreaking i was crying by the time i finished reading this.You did a good thing by taking them and atleast they had the chance for proper care and a loving home.I also have a rescue glider.I wish that more people would research before buying gliders,so they would realize the huge amount of care and commitment that goes into one of these babies.Your in my thoughts,sorry for you loss. <BR> Laura&panamae,toby&blue<p>[This message has been edited by poppy (edited 10-24-2000).]

#1824 - 10/25/00 06:14 PM Re: Rocky's Story.... [Re: ]

my heart goes out to you as well.People should really try to learn before impulse buying.Before I bought my skunk I knew nothing.If I did I probably never would have bought her.But now,looking back it was the best thing I ever did.I learned everything AND she is my BEST friend ever.(good times and bad).People have to take responsibility for their actions<BR> Becky<BR>


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