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#1855 - 11/02/00 02:59 AM May help some of you, Lost two gliders and saved o

First, the colony I am speaking of had two males and two females. I hope this story helps you. A while back, I had one of my male sugar gliders begin acting ill (wasn't moving around like he usually did), I went on vacation giving the pet sitter strict instructions to watch him and if anything else arose to take him to a vet, well the pet sitter came in one day to feed them and the male was dead on the floor of his cage with his eyes eaten out. This was tramatic to me, I have owned sugar gliders for four years and they have always been healthy and happy. So, Then a few weeks later, I found another male of the same colony, in very poor condition he had been absolutely fine the night before and it was just by chance that I had looked in on him at about 3 in the afternoon. He was barely moving and he had diarrhea and a distended abdomen. I called the only vet within 100 miles that treats these creatures and He was in surgery and unavailable, I begged the receptionist to just allow me to bring him in and let the vet see him after the surgery but they told me he couldn't. So, I was stuck, I didn't want to take him on a 2 hour car ride in his condition. I held him, tried to administer fluids, and keep him warm. I held him for 8 hours strait and watched him slowly dieing. If I had know that he was going to indeed die, I would have put him out of his misery, but I had no idea what was wrong with him. After 8 hours, he died. It was horrible, he convulsed the last 1/2 hour. Well, about 2 weeks later a female from the same colony began showing the same symptoms, just as the previous male, her health declined within hours. Plus, she began eating her own tail. I found her in this condition at midnight and again I couldn't take her to the vet for the nearest 24 hour vet service is 100 miles away, I cared for her during the night and first thing the next moring we took her to the vet. He did not know the origin of the illness but he gave us Baytril syrup (which is an antibiotic) we gave her a dose by mouth two times a day. Plus we administered shots of Lactated ringers solution just under the skin to keep her hydrated. I took mixed baby cereal and watered it down until it was a liquid and added sugar glider vitamins and a calcium supplement, I had to maily force feed her with a syringe cause she didn't want to eat. I also gave her water and I took meal worms and took out all the gooshey insides and had her eat a few a day. I put her in a hospital tank and kept it warm. The first few days were hard, we didn't know if she was going to make it. But thank goodness she pulled through, this occured 4 weeks ago and she is as healthy as can be arnery and adorable. She stopped eating her tail and she seems to be doing very well. Unfortunately we did not have my two that died autopsied so I do not know what this illness was. I hope that this helps someone. Always consult a vet, but if he is stumped you can always suggest what I did and see what he thinks. Thanks so much and I hope this helps you! Take care all

#1856 - 11/11/00 04:03 PM Re: May help some of you, Lost two gliders and saved one. [Re: Marsupial_Mayhem]

I'm very sorry to hear of your loss. Having lost my female earlier this year, I can feel what you went through-only yours was multipled several times. Your story is a testament to having necropsies done on any glider that dies. It may provide information to save other gliders in the future. I think we as glider owners have an obligation to further the knowledge of gliders by providing research when at atll possible.<P>------------------<BR>Keep your chin up and a glider under it

#1857 - 11/11/00 07:41 PM Re: May help some of you, Lost two gliders and saved one. [Re: Sheila]

You might want to have the fourth female checked out by the vet. Chances are if 3:4 got sick, the 4th one is still hiding the illness. Sorry for your multipe losses. How terrible.<P>------------------<BR>Rachel and the gang:<BR>Sugar Ray, Taylor,<BR>Nemo, Noelani,<BR>Aussie, and baby Meko

#1858 - 11/19/00 12:37 PM Re: May help some of you, Lost two gliders and saved one. [Re: ]

You're lucky she made it through. I lost a female and her baby two days ago. I'd tell the story, but it would do no good. The vet didn't know what could of happened. He only knew that she was sick before I took her home.

#1859 - 11/22/00 03:40 PM Re: May help some of you, Lost two gliders and saved one. [Re: ]

I'm sorry for your multiple loss also. I have never lost a glider much less a pet so fortunately I don't know how you are feeling. I do now that if I lost any of my little ones I would be deeply hurt. I just wish you would've gotten an atopsy done so we would know a little more. Thanx so much for sharing your story with us.<BR>Susy and my family of 12 [][/]'s


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