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#190592 - 12/23/06 10:48 PM Glider really sick

My babby is acting real stange...she is shaking and dragging her bottom and stomach on the cage she is rubbing her side on the cage, my husband thinks that she consipated but it looks like seizures. Has anyone seen anything like this? Please help, not vet is open near me and if my husband is right and she is constipated what do i do to help

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#190607 - 12/23/06 11:44 PM Re: Weird activity [Re: ]

First of all... to help you go to the poo take a tissue and gently rub it against her bottom around her anus, it will stimulate her to try to poo.

Also, when my first glider that I only had for a few days had seizures his whole body stretched out like a star and shook. It was VERY scary.

You need to get fluids into her ASAP!!! Water, grapes, apple juice, pedialyte is great, what ever she will take. You can do the pitch test on her back to see how dehydrated she is. You pull her skin up on her back and give it a light pinch, if it returns to normal quickly she isn't dehydrated, hopefully someone will come along to help.

Try to rename this post so you can get more help... "Glider Really Sick" something like that.

Has she been eating normally?

Is she responsive?

If you can, get her to a vet. She needs help ASAP!

#190608 - 12/23/06 11:49 PM Re: Weird activity [Re: ]
BeckiT Offline
Glideritis Anonymous

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I wish I knew something to tell you, my first thought would be the vet, any vet... Gonna notify the other mods to see if anyone else has any insight..
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#190609 - 12/23/06 11:52 PM Re: Weird activity [Re: BeckiT]
gliderdad79 Offline

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Loc: Long Island, NY
sounds to me she is marking the cage.

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#190617 - 12/24/06 12:22 AM Re: Weird activity [Re: gliderdad79]

Seems to be well hydrated and is eating normal the best that i can tell, all of this started when we put there food in tonight and the vet had told us to give cheese one or two times a week, she tool seval bites and then this began so i thought that she was either have a seizure or a reaction to cheese so we took the cheese out, but con. she acting a little better my husbamd helped to stimulat her to use the bath room she poop 5 or 6 times and is still acting the same way, just less. My vet is closed and the emorgancy vet it nashbille has not had any experiace with exotic animals. Could this be a case constipation or reaction to cheese and if it is not what do i do

#190626 - 12/24/06 12:56 AM Re: Weird activity [Re: ]
Karin Offline
Glideritis Anonymous

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Loc: Sycamore Illinois
Rubbing the side of the cage is most common during marking. I agree with Eddie, it **sounds** like she is marking. However, you know your glider better than any of us, and if you feel she needs attention, then she needs a vet, since none of us are vets. Many times if you call the office, they will do a phone consult after hours. Good luck, and I hope you find out soon what is wrong!
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#190636 - 12/24/06 01:28 AM Re: Weird activity [Re: Karin]
Dancing Offline
Glideritis Anonymous

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she is shaking and dragging her bottom and stomach on the cage she is rubbing her side on the cage,

That describes my gliders when they are marking their cage. However, like other's have said, if you feel she has something going on, keep her hydrated and take her to the vet.
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#190697 - 12/24/06 09:53 AM Re: Weird activity [Re: Dancing]

thank you all she is doing ok this am, i have never seen her mark her cage before so that to me is a new and weird behavior, i agree i think that is what she was doing we are keeping a close whatch on her today and i will keep you updated.

#190893 - 12/24/06 08:57 PM Re: Weird activity [Re: ]
Xfilefan Offline
Serious Glideritis

Registered: 02/22/03
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Loc: Jacksonville, FL
Maybe, and maybe not. The rubbing, yes. Dragging, however is NEVER normal. I am concerned about HLP. Shaking is also a sypmtom of that disease, as the muscles will do that when they lack calcium as well-my Riker did when he had it. It's your glider, so I can't tell you what to do, but if it were mine, I would be heading to the vet. You also feed a diet high in phosphorus, which gives me even more reason to suspect it. I hope she does okay.
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#190910 - 12/24/06 09:49 PM Re: Weird activity [Re: Xfilefan]
1daddyglider1 Offline
Glider Guardian

Registered: 09/20/06
Posts: 770
Loc: Lecanto Florida
is she making a noise or is the rubbing of her belly like a break dancer on the floor like a wave? is she rubbing her pouch on the cage or is it her rear end part. is the side rubbing like a quarter of a turn like a cat rubbing on you? it probably is marking but like others said keep a close eye on her. if she just woke up she could have chill as we do when we sometimes wake up. also when she "marks" pick her up (if you can) and put her on your shoulder and see if she marks you also or purs or chirps around your ear. If sick i'm not sure if she would give off happy sounds!! the dragging may be trying to get pouch scent on territory.

#190933 - 12/24/06 11:21 PM Re: Weird activity [Re: 1daddyglider1]

No dragging or rubbing tonight that i have seen, she has however started to bite which can out of now where she has never bit before. There diet tonight was vet, fresh banna, yogurt, and apple juice 50-50 with water. Will give worms in am. Lilly is doing beter she has gained 14 gm in three days. Still a little on the skinny side, but getting better. Tinkerbell is getting slimer, she was heavy do to her previous owner only fed her vienna sausages, so when we got her about 1yr ago she has lost some weight, but i would rather see a little chuncky glider than a skinny one (the same with babies) Just thought that i would update you all. And thank you and still would love and advice and help that you can offer.

#190975 - 12/25/06 05:49 AM Re: Weird activity [Re: ]
1daddyglider1 Offline
Glider Guardian

Registered: 09/20/06
Posts: 770
Loc: Lecanto Florida
go to links at top of page and under behavior read about sqwaggle dancing because all of your behavior is done on me when they start to dance also one thing i forgot that sometimes is done around this time is the scent dripping, it sort of can look like a butterfly when it lays an egg on a leaf as the behind touches the surface and then moves a little and repeats with a drip(egg in butterfly case). she may also scent and dance on items in her cage it will be a side to side motion over the item to be marked as hers. is she biting a couple of times in same area over and over, she may be trying to get a grip to dance. try getting her on material and keep putting her on your body(that is covered in material) and pet down her entire back.

#191006 - 12/25/06 10:11 AM Re: Weird activity [Re: 1daddyglider1]

Where is the link i looked under the behavior and couldn't find it?

#191012 - 12/25/06 10:39 AM Re: Weird activity [Re: ]
thefotokat Offline
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