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#1906 - 09/20/00 07:27 AM Saddness =(

I just thought I would share a sad story with you all about my sugar glider Pipino, in hopes that those of you who do not know much about sugar gliders will put a lot of thought into it before you purchase one.<P> Around May 20, 2000...Pipino was ready to come home with me. I waited patiently (well not really patiently!) for him to be old enough to come home from the petshop. He was extremely scared when I got him, but I was told that he would come around eventually. About two weeks of constant attention went by, and finally Pipino trusted me. After that, he came with me everywhere, and was hardly ever in his cage. He was a great sugar glider! He never crabbed at me, never once bit me, and was always looking to come out of his cage and play. <BR> Pipino's diet consisted of plenty of fruits and veggies, a vitamin suppliment I put into his water, and crickets and moths. Sometimes he would get meal worms as well. I thought everything was going great with him. He seemed happy and healthy. One thing was wrong though...he wasn't growing. <BR> I stopped by the petshop I bought Pipino from, and one of his siblings was still there. She was nearly twice the size of him. I just assumed he was a runt, after all, I didn't know too much about sugar gliders to begin with, so I didn't see any signs that he might be sick.<BR> I had Pipino out one night while I was watching tv, and he was sneezing a bit. I thought it was normal..I mean, all animals sneeze sometimes, right? <BR> The very next day, before I was going to leave for work, I went over to say good-bye to Pipino. I looked down at the bottom of the cage, and he was holding onto the bars for his dear life! He was shaking, and his normal pink colored nose was now blue. I took him into the kitchen and tried to give him some honey,(which he never refuses) but he could hardly pick his head up to recognize what it was. <BR> I rushed him to the vet -and when I say rushed, I mean blowing stop-signs! I was already in tears by then and hysterical when It came to speaking to the nurse. He was dying in my hands! But he was still just a little strong enough to crab at the stranger examining him which gave me some hope. <BR> I waited there for nearly 2 hours, and I finally found out just what was wrong with Pipino. He had Pneumonia. Now I was thinking "Did I leave my air conditioner on when he was in my room? Did I leave a window open?" I couldn't figure out just what I had done wrong. But it turned out to be way more complicated than that. He has not been getting the right amount of calcium from the food I was giving him. All along he was dying, and I had no idea. His body eventually started taking calcium from the only source it could find...his bones. So it eventually softened his bones, and he couldn't breathe. This is what caused Pneumonia.<BR> For his treatment, the vet decided to put him on iv's because he was dehydrated. He also kept him in an oxygen tank so that he could breathe, and he was on anti-biotics. The total cost for Pipino's recovery was $400.00.<BR> Pipino died 3 days into the treatment. I suppose the vet tried their hardest, but I only wish he was home with me had I known he was going to die. I felt as if someone took him away from me, because I never got to say good-bye. His sickness was so sudden, and I am so sad for him that he had to suffer.<BR> It's been 2 weeks since Pipino died, and I am looking into getting a new sugar glider in hopes that I will do better this time around.<BR> As most of you proably know, a Sugar Gliders' diet is extremely important, and he/she must be given all the right nutrition in order for him/her to stay healthy. <BR> In Pipino's case, I fed him exactly what the petshop owner told me to. I believe that I took very good care of him, but I still feel a pinch of guilt when I think of how long he could have lived had I did known more about Sugar gliders.<BR> Sorry for the sad story.....I will post some pictures of Pipino on this site later on today.<P>Julie

#1907 - 09/20/00 10:08 AM Re: Saddness =( [Re: ]
Ellen Offline
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Julie, I am so sorry. I know you did all you could. You are right diet is SO important. 90% of glider death's is caused by diet. <P>I would like to ask you to post your stores on this board under Real Stories. Alot of people read that too.<P>If you need any help please ask and all of us will try and help. Some have experience with different areas of glider life. BUt togeather we can help.<P>------------------<BR>Love and kindness is a gift. Use it freely
Love and kindness is a gift. Use it freely....
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#1908 - 09/20/00 10:43 AM Re: Saddness =( [Re: ]

Oh My God!! You may have just saved another gliders life with this post!! I had a woman call me up that I hadnt spoke to in over a year, her first glider died in Jan. so she got 2 twin boys in March. The "breeder" she got them from didnt know their age but sold them before the tails were fluffed out! I had a long talk with this woman about how and where to get gliders. She's kind of a redneck type person but I give her credit for trying- I mean heck she called me!! I only met her cuz her b/f did/does work on the buildings at the humane society where I used to work. He saw my gliders and told me he bought one of them for his g/f. Well, thats how she got her first glider and how I met her but anywayz back to the twin boys. She called me because 1 was growing and one wasnt! We went through her diet which I told her how to fix..for the second time(I think she forgot since we hadnt kept in touch). I hadnt thought of pnemonia! I got some phone calls to make! I wanna try and get her in touch with my vet and look into this more now..<BR>THANK YOU SOO MUCH FOR POSTING THIS!!!! You did a good thing! Im sorry to hear about the glider but you might end up saving one more gliders life.

#1909 - 09/20/00 04:13 PM Re: Saddness =( [Re: ]

This is a very sad story. No matter how many times we say how importiant a gliders diet is, it takes stories like this for people to listen. You are so brave for posting this here. I hope others will think about this before rushing out to buy a glider. thank you for sharing.

#1910 - 09/21/00 01:52 AM Re: Saddness =( [Re: ]

This is so sad as this reminds me of the article I read on Pet Store Gliders of the survival rate being only 45% before the glider is a year old. This is because most pet stores lack the time and the effort to help the new owner understand the diet and care required.<P>If and when you decide to purchase another glider please do not purchase it from a pet store. It takes a little more time to find a good breeder but in the end you will have a much healthier pet. A good breeder will try to help you understand the diet and the care involved to insure the little one will stay healthy. Most good breeders will offer a support line no matter what time of day it is. Pet Stores are finished with you usually after the sale is finished.<P>Thank you for sharing your painful story.<P>And now your little one has crossed over the "Rainbow Bridge" where all the other little gliders have crossed before him. He is happy to be with them. Ocassionally he looks back to see you, as he is waiting for the day when you will be crossing over too.

#1911 - 09/25/00 06:55 PM Re: Saddness =( [Re: Anonymous]

Sugar Sweet, <P>Pnuemonia is caused by a virus. It has nothing to do with diet or whether your home is too cold. True those things can impact the immune system but contact with a virus(some thing we have little control over, yet).<P><BR>While I know all too well the heartbreak of losing your babies this is one fight you had little chance of winning and almost no chance of preventing.<P>Don't be so hard on yourself. I know you did the best you could given the circumstances.<P>Elwin<BR>

#1912 - 09/28/00 04:39 PM Re: Saddness =( [Re: ]

im sorry about your SG would someone give me the diet they use for there gliders? cause i dont want that same thing to happen to nikki when i was reading that story it scared me cause im thinking that i may not be feedin nikki the right stuff i usualy give her mixed fruits and vegtables and some times apple/orenge jucie and once in a while sun flour seeds and or peanuts and yougert, rasins, dry cat food, and stuff like that is that ok i dont usualy keep track of what i give her i just give her what i have at that time (in the ways of fruit/veg. ) and i most always have some dry cat food in cage and i have 2 water bottles one for jucie and one for water is my diet ok? i dont want her to die and once agin im sorry about your glider and i hope you get another one and i wouldnt blame yourself it sounds like you were doing what you thought was best<P>Jen and Nikki

#1913 - 09/28/00 07:56 PM Re: Saddness =( [Re: ]

I would take out the catfood, and feed nuts as a rare treat. Gliders need protien and they get very little from fruits and veggies. <P>Here is some diet info: <A HREF="" TARGET=_blank></A> <P>I use this diet: <A HREF="" TARGET=_blank></A> <P>


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