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#19787 - 04/09/04 08:32 PM Honeysuckle?

When I saw it on the Croc Hunter post I was curious, and I checked out the safe plants list and found that honeysuckle is ok for gliders (as long as you are sure it is not Carolina Jasmine).
A few questions - has anyone given their gliders honeysuckle? How can I be sure I have honeysuckle and not the carolina jasmine? Those that have let their gliders have honeysuckle - did you give just the blossoms for a piece of the vine with severals blossoms? I would imagine gliders would love this.
Also any comments on clover (while I'm posting)?

#19788 - 04/09/04 08:35 PM Re: Honeysuckle? [Re: ]

I know that a lot of gliders love clover...I'm not sure about the honeysuckle though... <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/dance.gif" alt="" />

#19789 - 05/31/04 07:12 PM Re: Honeysuckle? [Re: ]

This was an old post where I had asked a question about honeysuckle, I never really got any responses so I thought I would bump this back up to the front and see if I could get any advise. I guess I must be asking stupid questions, because the few thimes I have posted I didn't get any responses.
I would appreciate any comments on honeysuckle you may have.

#19790 - 05/31/04 07:35 PM Re: Honeysuckle? [Re: ]
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First of all, there is no such thing as a stupid question unless it is a question not asked!! Sorry you never got a response the first time around. Sometimes things do get overlooked for one reason or another so once again we apologize.
Now, as for honey suckle, I am not sure one way or the other about honey suckle but quite honestly I wouldnt imagine them to be harmful seeing as how many birds, bees and even humans (I used to pluck them and suck the juice out of them!!) eat them. Not sure about gliders and I see they are not posted. So until we can find a definite I personally wouldnt give them to mine until I got an answer.
Not much help I know, but maybe this time around someone will know the answer for sure!! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/thumb.gif" alt="" />
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#19791 - 05/31/04 08:39 PM Re: Honeysuckle? [Re: ]
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I am not real sure about honeysuckle either. I also imagine it would be safe, but I am just not sure. I sure hope there is someone that has experience with this and can answer for sure one way or the other for you.
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#19792 - 05/31/04 10:34 PM Re: Honeysuckle? [Re: ]

Honeysuckle is safe (re: ). I don't know anyone that has used it though. As for telling it apart from carolina jasmine, your best bet will probably be to get a horticulture book, either from the store or library and identify the plants yourself. Make sure you buy a book with good illustrations of the leaves and flowers <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/read.gif" alt="" /> <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/read.gif" alt="" />

#19793 - 05/31/04 10:50 PM Re: Honeysuckle? [Re: ]

I feed many types flowers to my suggies, some they like some they don't. They both love honeysuckle and melon blossoms the best. panseys in the winter is a treat for them too. The flower link was unintentional and has nothing to do with the topic.

#19794 - 06/01/04 05:21 PM Re: Honeysuckle? [Re: ]

After checking out pictures of both honeysuckle and carolina jasmine it shouldn't be hard to tell the difference at all, they really don't look that much alike. Now that I'm sure it is safe I plan to try some out on my little ones and see how they like it. SweetiesMom - when you give it to yours do you give them a section of vine with several blossoms or just blossom only? Thanks all for your responses.

#19795 - 06/01/04 05:40 PM Re: Honeysuckle? [Re: ]

I give only the blossoms. I usually pick 2-3 days worth and put the blossoms in a bowl of water in the fridge til I feed them. Many garden variety flowers are edible for gliders. websight is a good place to check for safety first. The red clover here in the south is a sweet treat for my girls, it just isn't in season long enough. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/littleglider.gif" alt="" />


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