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#19837 - 04/11/04 03:51 PM What is going on??????

Nuggie has 2 IP that are due OOP within the next 2 weeks or so. I haven't seen any feet or tails yet. This morning and again this afternoon, she started making some really strange noises and the pouch was shaking like crazy. We looked in there and we could see that she had her nose stuck in her pouch but we couldn't see anything else. Any ideas what's up with this? Is this normal? These are her 1st joeys, could she be trying to eat them in the pouch?

Please help. I am really worried.
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#19838 - 04/11/04 04:03 PM Re: What is going on?????? [Re: ]
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I have not had the pleasure of my gliders having joeys yet however, I have seen this many times before on the board. So I will tell you from what I have learned here on GC that what you are noticing is more than likely normal.
Sound to me like momma is telling them to knock off all that squirming and to pipe down a bit! Or she may even be *singing* to them or moving them around to where SHE is comfortable. I really dont think you have anything to worry about. But as I said, I do not have personal experience with this matter but I am sure one of the many who have will be along very shortly!
Congrats on the soon to be arrival!!
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#19839 - 04/11/04 05:31 PM Re: What is going on?????? [Re: ]

I had that happen to my last set of twins. Candy did the shaking thing and I was told here on the board that she was trying to get the joey off of her nipple. Maybe mom is uncomfortable and just trying to get a different postion of the joeys. Good luck and keep us in touch.


#19840 - 04/11/04 05:56 PM Re: What is going on?????? [Re: ]

Yes, it's nothing to be concerned about. The mother "sneezes" when she cleans herself and her babies, and she also shakes a lot to try and pull the babies off the nipple when she wants to clean them or just get them away for a bit.

#19841 - 04/11/04 07:16 PM Re: What is going on?????? [Re: ]

Thanks everyone. The babies are still IP. Would she want them off the nipple when they are still IP? Ok. So I won't worry. I will let you know how things go.

#19842 - 04/12/04 05:51 AM Re: What is going on?????? [Re: ]

My glider Honey started doing her little shaking dance (as I call it) well before her joeys came OOP. Don't worry, all is well.

#19843 - 04/12/04 05:35 PM Re: What is going on?????? [Re: ]

Thanks. It is nice to know I don't have to worry yet. LOL. Just wait till the little ones come. Yikes. LOL


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