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#202299 - 01/16/07 11:45 PM Eye problem, possibly serious

One of my boys isn't well. He toddled out of his bag instead of jumping, and one of his eyes won't seem to roll all the way forward--about 1/3 of his eye is white.

He's alert, and otherwise acting normal. He's got a healthy appitite, and he is grooming himself. Besides being out of position, the eye doesn't appear to scratched, ruptured, or damaged. It is not running clear fluid or puss.

So far I've flushed the eye with water, cleaned his face up, and fed him a 1/2 teaspoon of honey. Tonight I'm going to isolate him in a heated cage.

Has anyone dealt with anything similar to this? I'm trying not to panic and spend $2000 at an emergency vet with an exotic only to have them "observe" him overnight.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.


He is dehydrated. After searching the forum I found a case similar to his. I made him drink 1cc of water and I've got him tucked into my bra. He isn't able to walk very well right now. I'm going to the vet in the morning to get him some electrolytes.

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#202306 - 01/17/07 12:12 AM Re: Eye problem, possibly serious [Re: ]

Sorry, I have never dealt with this problem.

However, dehydration seems to be a constant danger with suggies that are under the weather for whatever reason. Have you done the tent test on the skin on the back of his neck? Pinch it up like a momma cat picking up a kitten and see how long it takes to go back flat. If it doesnt go flat immediately, it is a sign of dehydration.

I would also encourage him to eat something else besides the honey. The honey might perk him up a little, but he needs some carbs and protein to keep him going. When you said he has a healthy appetite, I was not sure if you meant that he ate his regular food with a good appetite, or the honey, or both.

I assume you are getting him into the vet tomorrow morning? I do think your suggie needs to see a vet asap.

Keep us posted.


Angel cloud9

#202363 - 01/17/07 06:40 AM Re: Eye problem, possibly serious [Re: ]

Yoda made it through the night. He ate 2 grapes and drank another 2cc of honey water. His eye is closed now, but he is still very weak and having a hard time walking.

Thank you for the advice Angel, I will continue updating Yoda's condition.

#202366 - 01/17/07 07:41 AM Re: Eye problem, possibly serious [Re: ]

Trouble walking sounds very serious. I am very worried about your suggie.

I thiink I would be at the vets office when they open and get in right away. No matter what they say on the phone, they always see you if you show up with a sick little one.


Angel cloud9

#202375 - 01/17/07 08:29 AM Re: Eye problem, possibly serious [Re: ]
Gossamer Offline
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Loc: Long Island, NY
vet immediately. The eye is just a symptom of a bigger problem.

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#202378 - 01/17/07 08:57 AM Re: Eye problem, possibly serious [Re: Gossamer]
pappy1264 Offline
Glideritis Anonymous

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Please get this boy to a vet NOW! They go downhill so very fast. Being dehydrated is not good and he is getting worse. Run, don't walk to the vets! Please keep us updated on Yoda.
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#202383 - 01/17/07 09:06 AM Re: Eye problem, possibly serious [Re: pappy1264]
Xfilefan Offline
Serious Glideritis

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Loc: Jacksonville, FL
I agree...Immediate vet. You could have an infection going systemic, and what you describe does not sound good at all. Weakness/lethargy in a glider means you have very little time, and so may the glider. Have the vet run urine, fecal float/direct smear, physical exam, check for dehydration and sub-q if necessary. Please keep us updated, but get him in ASAP-update can wait, your glider can't. worried
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#202647 - 01/17/07 06:34 PM Re: Eye problem, possibly serious [Re: Xfilefan]

We went to the vet and the news was not good. Yoda's eye is swollen due to an ulcer caused either by damage or infection. The swelling, or possibly an abcess, is pressing on his central nervous system, and causing his walking problems.

He was prescribed an anti-inflamitory, an anti-biotic, and eyedrops, all of which must be given 2-3 times a day.

If there is no abcess, there is a good chance he will recover completely. If there is an abcess, the damage to his brain may be irreversible.

The emergency vet did not do a urinalysis or a fecal exam, so we are taking him to his regular vet tomorrow. If there are any new developments I will let you know.

Monday night Yoda was hopping around with his usual sugarglider joy, and Tuesday night he was almost crippled. It's bizarre how fast these things can creep up on sugar gliders. There is some good news; Yoda has taken almost 7ccs of Pedialyte today, and seems more alert.

Thank you everyone for your concern, prayers, and good thoughts.

#202802 - 01/17/07 09:40 PM Re: Eye problem, possibly serious [Re: ]

Wow, I hope that Yoda makes a full recovery...

May the force be with you!

#208180 - 01/26/07 10:10 PM The Value of a Second Opinion [Re: ]

Yoda seemed to be improving after his first 4 days of the medicine, but on the 5th day I saw an almost complete reversal. He couldn't move the right side of his body, though he was eating and drinking with gusto.

My husband took him to a different vet, and got a different prognosis. This new vet said that the swollen eye, and subsequent pressure on his brain, were the results of an abscessed tooth. He prescribed a different antibiotic, and kept up the steroid and eye drop regimen.

That was 3 days ago. Tonight I watched him using his right front leg, and that's more than he's been able to do in almost a week. Also, his eye is not as swollen, though I doubt he can, or will, see out of it again. If he keeps up this rate of improvement he could be almost back to normal by the end of next week.

I think I'm going to get him a tiny eye-patch.

Hope this helps anyone who ever finds themselves in a similar situation.

#208195 - 01/26/07 10:41 PM Re: The Value of a Second Opinion [Re: ]
BeckiT Offline
Glideritis Anonymous

Registered: 09/29/06
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Loc: Manitowoc, WI
I'm so glad Yoda is improving!!
~Becki & Crew~
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#208212 - 01/26/07 10:57 PM Re: The Value of a Second Opinion [Re: BeckiT]

thank you so much for the updates.

#208380 - 01/27/07 12:44 PM Re: The Value of a Second Opinion [Re: ]

This morning Yoda is using both his front and back right legs. This is the first time since the ordeal began 10 days ago that he has had that much mobility. Last night, he couldn't move the back right leg at all. He seems to be healing quickly so I thought you might want the names of the medicines he's on for his abscessed tooth.

Baytril Elixir .04 cc twice daily [edited: previously had wrong dosage amount]
Prednisone Elixir .2 cc twice daily

[Edit 2]
I just called Dr. Hill, my wonderful, affordable, glider-experienced vet, and we had a conversation about antibiotic dosages. I had misread the dosage and been giving .5 instead of .05. That's 10x too much, and I'd been doing it for almost 4 days. Keep in mind that .1-.2 cc were lost to spit-ups and mishap.

Dr. Hill said that .4 cc of Baytril has been shown to make improvement in sugar gliders afflicted with abscess related brain injury--Yoda has shown remarkable improvement as it is.

More than a week of .5 dosage would be harmful, so I'm glad I caught it when I did (it was a stupid mistake to make in the first place), but I believe that .05 would have been way too little. He's now going to receive .3-.4 twice a day for 3 more days, and then once a day for 5 days. I say .3-.4 because it's impossible to prevent some spit-up and leakage.

Don't be afraid to question your vet, if only to expand your knowledge, and don't be ashamed to admit your mistakes. As horrible as this ordeal has been, I've learned a lot, and I hope you can take something from this as well.

Edited by Glidermomma5 (01/27/07 02:10 PM)

#208409 - 01/27/07 01:57 PM Re: The Value of a Second Opinion [Re: ]

Thanks for the med. information. How is Yoda doing today?

#208424 - 01/27/07 02:12 PM Re: The Value of a Second Opinion [Re: ]

Much better, because of, and not inspite of, my dosage mix-up, it seems. He's a fighter, and for the first time since it started I really think he's going to make a full recovery, minus one eye.

[Insert a huge, long, happy sigh of relief here.]


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