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#204152 - 01/20/07 11:11 AM Cat feremone spray and glider safety?

I have an issue with my female cat who's decided to pee on furniture.
I've been researching solutions and the best seems to be a new product that doesn't deter the cat from going near furniture, nor deters the cat from marking.
It does emit feremones (the natural hormonal scent of a cat) so that the cat percieves the space to already be marked as his/her own.
It states that it's safe for all other household pets.
I figure they haven't done many studies regarding how this product will effect gliders, if at all.
I am very glider-safety conscious and need to find a solution that is beneficial to my cat and my gliders.
Has any one ever used this product? If so, what were the results? Did gliders seem to be/show to be repelled by or uncomfortable with the scent.(It is available in a plug in form and also a furniture spray.)

#204171 - 01/20/07 12:46 PM Re: Cat feremone spray and glider safety? [Re: ]
Gossamer Offline
Glider Slave

Registered: 11/22/06
Posts: 1667
Loc: Long Island, NY
Never used it around my glider but I have used the spray for my cats. I had added a third cat and she was aggessive. Spray smells like alcohol. Didn't do much for the cat. I would suggest that the plug in would be safer for the glider. Also, have you taken your cat to the vet? Inappropriate bathroom habits are usually caused by either a medical or behavioral issue. If not medical, something as simple as a change to different cat litter could cause the cat to eliminate elsewhere.

3 Cats (Spike, Kismet, Honeycat)
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#204192 - 01/20/07 01:37 PM Re: Cat feremone spray and glider safety? [Re: Gossamer]
North_Nocturne Offline
Glider Lover

Registered: 04/19/06
Posts: 608
Loc: Cincinnati, Ohio
I had a very similar problem with one of my cats about six months ago. I took him to the vet to confirm it wasn't a UTI or kidney problems first. The vet then recommended a Feliway plug-in which releases phermones. I've been using it continuously for 6 months in the house and my gliders haven't had any problems with it. I do feel the Feliway has been helpful, but what really worked for my cat is placing little bowls of food on all his favorite inappropriate pee spots. I use the bowls from zip-lock storage containers and keep two on the bed and one on the recliner. You only need to put a little bit of food in the bowl. The theory is that your cat will naturally not potty too near their food. I got the idea from an article in Cat Fancy magazine. I've been using the Feliway and extra food dishes for 6 months now and my problem kitty hasn't peed in those areas at all in that time.
gliders. Nocturne & Lark

#204217 - 01/20/07 02:12 PM Re: Cat feremone spray and glider safety? [Re: North_Nocturne]
glidergurl Offline
Out of Pouch

Registered: 12/21/06
Posts: 65
Loc: Beckemeyer, IL
I have a question though--wouldn't pheromones of a cat drifting all over or near a glider cage, stress the gliders out? Because that's a scent of a preditor coming into their territory--and I'm sure if it's enough smell to deter a cat from spraying, it's probably pretty strong for the glider's too... this is just my opinion, and would like to hear other's inputs on why or why not this may be beneficial... this is just what I came up with. smile

#204242 - 01/20/07 02:52 PM Re: Cat feremone spray and glider safety? [Re: glidergurl]

I've used the Feliway plugs for quite some time. I think it is something suttle enough, and with the plug it is constant, so the gliders dont get as stressed as they would with the spray.

If your cat has had a sudden change in litter box habits, I agree that you may want to take her to the vet. My Siamese boy suddenly started peeing on places like the bed, on our clothes in the hamper or floor, etc. At the vet it was confirmed that he not only had a UTI, but was developing crystals in his urine which are twice as painful. A change in diet and antibiotics have cleared this up completly. He just didn't know of any other way to let us know that he was in pain frown

#204424 - 01/20/07 09:45 PM Re: Cat feremone spray and glider safety? [Re: ]

THANK YOU ALL for the feedback!
I've been struggling with this for enough time to have hired a professional cleaner (expensive), and then 24 hours later found where she'd done it again.
I consulted with the vet asking to test her for UTI, and the vet basically said that with the time it's gone on, it's a behavioral pattern/"addiction" and that they would not test for UTI unless I wanted to pay for an unnecessary test.
I agree.
I researched the feremone plug in/spray and anything else that would deter this behaviour.
I don't want to exclude her from the family furniture, but my gliders also climb on my and sometimes jump onto the furnoture too.
I am very pleased that 2 of you have used the feremone therapy for cats and that it's safe for gliders.
I may try it tomorrow.
I also found a spray (non-aerosol) that has feremones, plus valerian and St. Johns wort. It is said to calm the cat also.
Has anyone used this?
I want to use everything possible to be done with this behaviour as soon as possible.
Thanks much


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