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#204670 - 01/21/07 01:07 PM Tongue injury

Has anyone ever had their glider bite their tongue? One night Jess was playing then all of a sudden he was running around backwards in his cage pulling at his tongue. I thought he was eating some watermelon, but closer inspection, his tongue was bleeding and he was pulling at it with his little hands. Turns out the tip had been "bitten" off. He was able to drink, so I provided him with water, honey water and pedialyte until he could eat softened BML. He kept his tongue out of his mouth for 3 days..scared me to death..but he is doing great now. Eating everything I put in there. I cleaned his cage that night and a tissue and cotton ball inspection revealed absolutely blood, no tongue tissue. He is in a cage to himself. I checked and double checked all his toys..nothing. I was just curious has this happened to anyone else?

#204675 - 01/21/07 01:16 PM Re: Tongue injury [Re: ]

There was just a post on this. Has this glider been to a vet yet? I'd highly suggest getting him checked out. The other glider this happened to was believed to have had a seizure, and bit part of his tongue off during that episode.
Also, what type of water container do you have? Is it the ball with metal? It is possible he got his tongue caught in that. If that's the case, you might want to change that, as he might be scared of it now, and not drink the water he needs.

#204686 - 01/21/07 01:40 PM Re: Tongue injury [Re: ]

No, no vet. This glider is a petshop baby, who even after a year gets way too stressed and starts overgrooming if I "mess" with him too much. He hides in his pouch, crabbing, when I feed him. Our "together" time is spent with me talking to him through the bars of the cage. He is fine with that and will even stick his nose out the bars for "kisses" but if that door is open, his security is compromised and He goes ballistic.He is fine, eating, drinking, bright eyes, fur soft and wonderful looking, poop looks good. I use bird waterers with the hood that attatches to the side of the cage. I heard horror stories of the water bottles with the balls so I chose not to use them.
I know alot of people would disagree with me not taking him to a vet, but under the circumstances of him getting overly stressed, unless it is a dire emergancy and I have exhausted all other efforts, it is better for Jess to be left alone. In the pet store, he was the last glider left, crabbing up a storm, a fan blowing directly into the cage. Only 2 pouches in there, no toys whatsoever, cedar chips for litter and a diet of pellets, raw sweet potatos, and apples. He is now happily on BML, a variety of veggies and fruits.Plenty of toys and pouches to choose from. His cage sits about 1 1/2" inches from Nugget and they can see each other and chatter all night long. When I have tried to handfeed him fruits or licky treats, he has bitten to draw blood, crabs, but refuses to take what I offer. Then he overgrooms. When he was injured, I changed his liquids 3 times a day, took out everything but fleece at the bottom of the cage, 2 coconut huts and 1 pouch. Just me doing that started him to overgrooming his tail. I was very concerned he would self mutilate so after he was better I put a few toys back in and only stuck my hand in the cage at feeding time. As I said, he is doing great now, and the fur has grown back on his tail.

#204687 - 01/21/07 01:45 PM Re: Tongue injury [Re: ]

Overgrooming can also be a symptom of an underlying infection.

#204694 - 01/21/07 02:04 PM Re: Tongue injury [Re: ]

He only overgrooms when stressed.As long as I leave him alone and not try to pick him up or hand feed him he doesn't overgroom. I know that illness can lead to overgrooming, but he only overgrooms if I do the above. Otherwise, he is healthy and eats well.

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#204782 - 01/21/07 07:24 PM Re: Tongue injury [Re: ]
glidrz5 Offline
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I know when my Sassy's mouth would hurt (he had peridontal problems) he would draw the tip of his tail through his mouth. It was like a child with a pacifier. When his mouth stopped hurting he stopped sucking on it.
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#204833 - 01/21/07 09:09 PM Re: Tongue injury [Re: glidrz5]

That explains why the tip of his tail stayed wet for 3 days! I wondered about that. The fur loss was farther down on the tail.


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