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#2060 - 01/22/01 06:12 AM My new one died...

Hello-<BR>OK, I got a new baby joey last Saturday and everything was going fine until Thursday night. I was a bit worried about her being too young and too friendly with my older one, but they seemed to be getting along great- the little one adopted the bigger as her mom. The older was cleaning her, keeping her warm, everything- she accepted the new one without a problem.<P>She was so cool- she got along with all of us immediately. We fell in love with her in the first 2 minutes. I even feel she bonded with me by the second day- she wanted to be with me all the time. She even climbed off the back of her new 'mom' to climb onto my hand, scramble up to my neck, and cling on there.<P>Thursday night my wife noticed that she wasn't opening her left eye fully. She seemed tired, but she was finally eating more than just apples (she had a little leadbeaters and even a baby cricket) and sunflower seeds. Friday night we went out after work and came back real late expecting to play with the girls...but the little one was sound asleep on the floor of the cage. This looked weird, but she seemed OK, if tired. On Saturday I tried feeding her, but all she would drink was milk and leadbeaters mixed together. I didn't know what was wrong, so I thought that we'd watch her for another night, then go see a vet on Sunday or Monday. Sunday morning I tried to wake her, but wasn't successful. I mixed a few things together and put them into a clean eye-dropper and force-fed her. After a few hours she seemed a little better, but we made an appointment to see the breeder and his vet on Monday. She also seemed to be too hot- she wouldn't sleep in my shirt in her cage, she kept crawling out to sleep in the open. I took her out a few hours later to feed her another eye-dropper full of food, but her breathing was real shallow. About 15 minutes later she died in my hands.<P>She was the coolest pet I'd ever had! She was so loving to us from the very start. I worried that she was too young, but I thought I was keeping a close eye on her. The breeder took her body to his vet and they are going to try and find out what happened. He's going to reserve another girl for us (he says another female has two tiny babies, so we'll see if one's a girl). But we really loved that little one! We had even named her on Friday- Nina. <P>We don't know what happened. We can't help but feel guilty, and I probably did make the wrong decision to wait an extra day. The only thing I can think that might have happened is that she got too cold (there is a freezing snap on this week, but I turned up the heater) or that she might have fallen and hit her head on the mini-cage that I put inside the larger one (it is possible that she could have fallen a total of 5 feet and hit the edge with her head- I have a large cage). If I hadn't put that mini-cage in there, she would have fallen on the bedding and been fine. Maybe she just got her diet out of whack and slowly got too weak because she refused to eat anything but apples and sunflower seeds. <P>I don't know what happened. I threw caution to the wind when I got her so young (2 months OOP), but because everything just kept going smoothly, I didn't worry. Then it was too late. <P>Anyway, sad story I thought I'd share. Anyone else every experience something like this?<P>Take care-<BR>-Tcat<P><BR>

#2061 - 01/22/01 01:16 PM Re: My new one died... [Re: Mistah_T]

Are you sure she was 2 months oop? Thats the normal age for sellign a glider. From your posts talking about her ALWAYS clinging to your other almost suggested that she was too young to be taken from her mom. I was just wondering if maybe you were told the wrong age. Did the breeder make sure she was eating okay on her own?<P>I am really sorry this happened to you and I hope that your vet finds out exactly what happened.

#2062 - 01/22/01 01:57 PM Re: My new one died... [Re: ]
Ellen Offline
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TomCat, I really cant tell you how sorry I am. I too have lived in a forgien country (Japan) and I know how hard it can be. You have come such a LONG way since you first posted about getting your first glider.<P>It sounds like you did all you could for her. Sometimes there is just nothing we can do, even with a vet right there. I have lost a glider and a few Joeys and I know the horrible feeling that there should have been something I could have done. And to find out there was nothing I could have done did not make it any easier. My heart and prayers are with you. Please do let us know what the vet finds.<BR> <A HREF="" TARGET=_blank></A> <BR><P>------------------<BR>Love and kindness is a gift. Use it freely
Love and kindness is a gift. Use it freely....
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#2063 - 01/24/01 07:04 AM Re: My new one died... [Re: ]
Sheila Offline
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An adult glider can be very powerful. Sometimes the adults don't want the babies riding on their backs and can swipe them off. The joeys eye could have been scratch maybe due to the swiping and it could have fallen to the ground injuring it internally. The process could have been slow for it to die due to that type of injury. Would be anxious to see what the vet says. I am so sorry for your loss. It is very special when you have a neat little glider. [][/]
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#2064 - 01/24/01 09:37 PM Re: My new one died... [Re: ]

I'm very sad for you [][/]. I hope Aja is doing okay. Sometimes it doesn't take long before they get used to having another glider in the house, and their grief can be pretty evident and disturbing.

#2065 - 01/29/01 11:02 PM Re: My new one died... [Re: ]

I am only guessing but from what I have experienced with young babies that the little one was stressed and afraid to sleep in the shirt or pouch due to the different scents on it. She may have also been stressed from the smell of the other glider even though the other female did accept her.<BR>Being cold slows down the digestive tract and then the baby dies. [][/]

#2066 - 01/30/01 01:49 PM Re: My new one died... [Re: Anonymous]

Just wanted to tell you how sorry I am you lost your baby, I can totally identify with how fast you fall in love with these beautiful little creatures! Like others have said 2 mos oop is normal, don't beat yourself up over this, you did what you could. Your story made me cry!<P>Love and prayers from Suzy and Sarina [][/]

#2067 - 02/06/01 07:48 AM Re: My new one died... [Re: ]

I finally heard from the vet. She had a ruptured intestine. He said that that could be from bacteria that thinned the walls of the intestine, possibly due to her eating differently or something (applied hint: she was too young) OR, our guess, she fell and hit a branch. *sigh* It sucks. We feel really bad that she died so painfully. <P> we wait. There are a few more babies that we can have our choice of in a few months. I'm going to play it a little different this time- mainly wait until it is a little older and keep her seperate a little longer even if they get along great.<P>OK, gotta go. Thanks for the warm comments. <P>Take care-<BR>-Tcat


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