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#213645 - 02/06/07 08:14 AM Young glider & teeth

I posted about our new glider yesterday. She is getting dehydrated. Unless I give her water or lead her to a lid with water, she isn't drinking enough. We observed that she isn't eating her apples, just licking them. She has never bitten us either. Do young gliders have teeth that aren't developed or do they have to "learn" to use them? I haven't had a chance to get her to a vet yet and would really appreciate any advice.

#213651 - 02/06/07 08:33 AM Re: Young glider & teeth [Re: ]
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she should have her teeth... have a water bottle in her cage at all times, do you know if her breeder used a water bottle? you can leave a dish of water in there untill your sure she knows how to use a water bottle. some gliders don't like apples... she might like apples or grapes that are cut up... is she on a proven glider diet yet? Is she eating everything else?

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#213652 - 02/06/07 08:39 AM Re: Young glider & teeth [Re: ]

When gliders are born, they have all of their teeth.
This glider is still young, and it generally takes them a while to acquire a taste for all foods. Keep in mind, she was drinking just milk until fairly recently.
What diet are you feeding? I know you only mentioned apples in this post... My guys really don't eat much as far as apples go, so you really do have to experiment (within the confines of the diet you feed) to find out what your gliders like.
Also, gliders don't drink much water. They get most of it from the fruits and veggies they eat. I know some people add juice to the water to make it more appealing, but I've never found that necessary. If they are thirsty, they will drink. If you have concerns, try pinching up the skin between her shoulder blades. If it stays "tented" up, then she is dehydrated, if it pops back into place, she is fine.
Are you using a water bottle? What do you mean by lid with water? Is it metallic? I could see them not wanting to drink because of that. Some gliders also won't drink out of an "open" container of water. There are the bottles with the ball and without. I believe lixit or oasis make good water bottles.
Oh, and if you do add juice to the water bottle, make sure to change it even more frequently, and wash the bottle well. It'll get bacteria quicker, and is more likely to clog a water bottle (like with the ball) because it's stickier.

#213657 - 02/06/07 08:50 AM Re: Young glider & teeth [Re: ]

How old is she?

What does her tail look like. Is it bushy and fluffy or is the hair slicked down? Is it curly or straight?

She may not know how or be able to eat solid food yet. Offer her some yogurt as a licky treat. If she will not come to your finger, wrap her in a fleece like a burrito and feed her with a syringe or a dropper just like she is a younger joey. Put a drop of food up to her mouth and touch her lips with it and she should lick it.

Use baby BML (no wheat germ, no egg shells) or a mixture of Gerbers chicken and gravy (strained, stage 2) applesauce and yogurt, and glideraide (may use pedialyte, or gatorade) You can give her the pedialyte with the dropper or syringe also. She needs fluids, sugars and proteins. She will probably learn to eat in a few days.

Typically, very young joeys will just lick the apple and not eat any.

Keep us posted

#213895 - 02/06/07 04:59 PM Re: Young glider & teeth [Re: ]

in your other post you said that she is quite tiny. can you post some pics so that someone who breeds might be able to give you a good estimate on how old your baby is. that way you know if you need to maybe give her some supplimental feedings that she might need.

#213971 - 02/06/07 07:12 PM Re: Young glider & teeth [Re: ]
glidrz5 Offline
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I was going to ask the same thing as Suz. I rescued a little girl from the pet store, my Carina Trey, who had no clue on how to eat solid foods yet. I gave her baby food and she went to town chowing them down tho. It took her a few weeks before she was up to eating solids.
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