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#2138 - 02/20/01 09:00 PM Miracles do happen!
kb2e Offline
Glider Slave

Registered: 01/21/00
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Loc: Willard, Mo. USA
Last night, at midnight, I got ready to put my 4 gliders in the cage for the night. I only counted 3 noses, checked all their known hiding places and didn't see #4. I thought maybe I just missed one, so I shut the door. And listened. And waited. For an hour. No skitter-skitter across the floor. No rustle of paper, no falling objects, absoulutly no sounds. Finally went to bed and listened some more. Still no sounds--at 3:30am, I gave up the bed, and got the cricket bucket out--only 3 takers. Sneakers was not to be found anywhere in the house. Had to go to work at 6. No Sneakers!! GONE!! WHERE?? HOW??<P>I left a pouch hanging on the outside of the cage just in case she showed up. Cried all day at work every time someone spoke to me. Sneakers was gone!<P>We got home at 6pm--first thing, check the pouch, empty, no Sneakers. As a last no-hope try, I went out on the back poarch and made the calling sounds I use. I heard a rustle in the leaves, and here came Sneakers!! She was headed straight for me, but the dog was following her and she ran up the post onto the roof of the trailer and sat there watching me. My hubsand was able to climb up and reach out to her, she jumped onto his arm and scooted to his shoulder as he climbed down.<P>Back in the house, she drank and drank and ate and ate. And then let me put her down my shirt, and took a nice nap.<P>The other gliders sure had to smell her and then give her a bath, as if to say "What kind of dirty places have you been?"<P>I thought for sure she was gone forever--outside all night in 45 degree weather and all day to go up the trees and disappear. But she came when I called!! And didn't run off when reached for! So you see, miracles do happen!! I had one happen to me today. [][/]<P>By the way, the only way she could have gotten out of the house--sneaking out as my husband went out to the hot tub, or the doggie door (which has been fixed).<p>[This message has been edited by kb2e (edited 02-20-2001).]
God Bless America
RIP Sneakers\Abby\Pepe\Missy/Shelby/Buddy

#2139 - 02/20/01 09:11 PM Re: Miracles do happen! [Re: ]

OMG that is just luck!!!

#2140 - 02/21/01 04:10 PM Re: Miracles do happen! [Re: ]

I'm very happy for you and your glider....he obviously wouldn't leave you forever....what love! [][/]

#2141 - 02/21/01 04:52 PM Re: Miracles do happen! [Re: ]

WOW!! Sneakers would rather be with you than any place else on earth! I'd call that bonded!! Have you counted the number of new gray hairs yet?? alice<P>------------------<BR>Breathe deep. Talk slow. Walk soft. Let go. Give big. Take less. Don't count-just guess. Act fair. Think long. Laugh loud. Sing strong. Plan bold. Dream far. Feel loved. You are.

#2142 - 02/21/01 11:04 PM Re: Miracles do happen! [Re: ]

sounds like Snickers is one very happy glider. This is a very good reason to teach your glider to come to you when you call him or her. You never may save your gliders life.

#2143 - 02/22/01 09:25 AM Re: Miracles do happen! [Re: Anonymous]

Wow, I'm very happy you found her. How long have you had her? It was something else how she responded when you called.

#2144 - 02/22/01 05:02 PM Re: Miracles do happen! [Re: ]

Wow, I hope my sg(Piper) and I get to be like that! I'm soooo happy for you, too. I hope that you and your posse live together forever in peace! [][/]<BR><P>------------------<BR>You Laugh, Sing, Cry, and Fly~thats life live it well.


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