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#2180 - 03/11/01 11:04 PM rottweilers, two cats, and loose gliders!!!!

I have three large dogs, and two cats, currently we are doing some remodeling and our gliders have been moved to the dining room. I had to leave town suddenly for a funeral, I had my mom take care of my glider and my other animals for the night ( I have seven gliders). The cats are free to rome the house, and while I was away the dogs had a baby gate that kept them in half of the house. The gate was put up in the door way that seperates the dining room (where the gliders are currently kept) and the kitchen. Since I left suddenly I fixed the gliders food for my mom and put it in the fridge so all she had to do was put it in the gliders cage. Usually when I leave town my brother watches them. My mom never has. This time when I left, I did not put the latch on one of the glider cage doors. it was shut but not latched. This cage has two seperate doors, my mom came over that night and fed my gliders, she opened the door that was latched, not realizing that the other door was unlatched. When she came back over at 8:00am the next morning she went to open the gate to let the dogs out and sees a glider on top of a shelf in the dining room. The gliders I have in this particular cage always come out ASAP when I open the cage door so I know they had to be out most of the night. One of my dogs knows how to jump the gate and he didn't. My cats didn't seem the least bit interested in the gliders all over the house!!!! My mom rounded them up and put them back in their cage. They did not seem the least bit fazed by there night out. I just cannot believe the dogs and cats did not get them!!!!! I am thankful that they are still here with me today, and I would not recommend trying this at home. I have not left the cage unlatched since.... I cannot wait until I get their room done. So I can put them back in the safe zone. This is my miracle story...with its happy but nerve recking ending....
[This message has been edited by crisi (edited 03-12-2001).]

#2181 - 03/12/01 07:28 AM Re: rottweilers, two cats, and loose gliders!!!! [Re: ]

That IS a maracle! I did have one glider that had a cat completly buffaloed, but he was like Gliderzilla!

#2182 - 03/12/01 07:59 AM Re: rottweilers, two cats, and loose gliders!!!! [Re: ]

when my daughter had the glider,Alex,( who is now my glider for this reason [][/] ) she often had problems with him getting out of cage over night or for days. she has several cats and dogs, (very,very big dogs, you could saddle one and ride it around the house!) and the glider always survived, how, i don't know. Once when i went over she said the glider was out again and she didn't know where. while she was saying this she was cleaning house, picking up trash bags ect and throwing them in the trash. I told her to stop! one of the bags or wrappers she threw away could contain living meat!!!<BR>now i have three ****z sus who love to bark at the glider cage ect and i don't know what they would do if in the same room with the gliders when they are loose, but i do know that one day a mouse jumped off my stove onto the floor right in front of my "brave, glider- barking- at- dogs" and they just sat there an stared with thier paws in their mouths. [][/] so i don't know if they'd chase the gliders or not, i just know they aren't invited to glider play time! [][/]

#2183 - 03/14/01 08:05 AM Re: rottweilers, two cats, and loose gliders!!!! [Re: ]

Well as stupid as many of you may think this is Ill say it anyway....My gliders (5of them) Play with my german shephard and yorkie terrier every night for 3 years now. Its amazing what good friends they are. And the most adorable site i have ever seen because they use the yorkie as a Bus LOL and the German as a jungle gym. LOLOLO its pretty funny to see these 2 dogs doing anything the gliders want them to as if they understand eachother. And my German is so gentle she will not even move a muscle when there is a glider on her because she scared to hurt them [][/] awwwwww she literally freezes ...Anyway I think it may depend on the dog. I have no cats so i cant say about them, but i wouldnt chance it because that is a cats natural instinct.

#2184 - 03/14/01 08:51 AM Re: rottweilers, two cats, and loose gliders!!!! [Re: ]

i wonder what the gliders did while they were out... I can just imagine them gliding around teasing the heck out of my cats and dogs... "nah nah nah nah you can't get me!" <BR> [][/] [][/]<BR> (I think that the dogs no who the REAL boss is [][/]<P>[This message has been edited by crisi (edited 03-14-2001).]<p>[This message has been edited by crisi (edited 03-14-2001).]


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