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#221231 - 02/19/07 09:41 PM Albino Het?

Awe, I want a white tip!! By the way, my male is 66% het for albino, can he have an albino baby if he is paired with another 66% het or does it have to be a full albino het, or albino??

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#221560 - 02/20/07 03:06 PM Re: Albino Het? [Re: ]

I wish I knew the answer to this one, but honestly, most of the genetics stuff flies right over my head - Maybe Sheila will come explain!

#221567 - 02/20/07 03:18 PM Re: Albino Het? [Re: ]
Dancing Offline
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I'm not Sheila but...

66% het means simply that there is a 66% chance that the glider carries the gene for that trait. There is 34% chance that the glider does not. Once that glider has had offspring of that color (in this case, albino) then the parent is then considered 100% het. (or proven het)

So, pairing together two 66% hets, you have the chance that they both do carry that gene and that they will pass it on to their offspring.

I THINK that with Albino and Leucistic, both parents must carry the gene for the joeys to express it. (that is for them to be albino or leu.)
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#221582 - 02/20/07 04:06 PM Re: Albino Het? [Re: Dancing]
Judie Offline
Serious Glideritis

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Yes, to produce Albino or Leucistic... both parents must pass two copies of these variations to their offspring to produce Albino or Leucistic.

100% Hets of these variations are Standard color. When paired together they can produce White or Albino 25% of the time.

All hets produced from 100% Het Albino or Leucistic breedings have 2/3 of a chance of being 100% Hets for these variations. The other third will not be carriers and will be Standard color.

All Hets are very valuable in a breeding program. They allow for new blood to be introduced into the line so it does not become so tightly bred. On the otherhand... new blood can also introduce an unknown problem that was not in a line to start with.
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#221613 - 02/20/07 05:18 PM Re: Albino Het? [Re: Judie]

Hmmmm..... so what are the chances that my 66% het for albino will produce albino with a 100% het. I'm just curious by the way, I'll probably never get ahold of a 100% het.

#221646 - 02/20/07 06:21 PM Re: Albino Het? [Re: ]

It all just depends on IF your 66% het is in fact a het or not. Like Dancing said your 66% het has a 34% chance that it is not even a het, but just a gray.

Pairing it with a 100% het rather then a 66% het might help throw an albino faster.

If your 66% het does have a albino baby then your 66% het turns into a 100% het because you know that he produces the gene.

#222016 - 02/21/07 10:56 AM Re: Albino Het? [Re: ]

OOOOOOoooohh. I see, okay thanks.

#222053 - 02/21/07 11:49 AM Re: Albino Het? [Re: ]
gliderlover Offline
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The easiest way to prove if your 66% is a het or not is to pair him with a 100% het. If he is paired with a 66% or other %. It is harder to prove which doesn't carry the gene. Because all hets are either have the gene or they don't have the gene. I have a leu het pair one is 50% het and the other is 100% het. So if I never get a leu then the I know my 50% het doesn't have the gene.

small breeder of whitefaces, whitetips, leucistics, creaminos, albinos, and mosaics

#227470 - 03/02/07 09:17 PM Re: Albino Het? [Re: gliderlover]

Okay well here is another question. I saw that a 33% het for albino sells higher than a standard grey. Now I'm assuming that the 33% comes from a 66% or 50% het. Is this right? And if so, what happens if you do sell your babies from the 66% and you sell them as 33%, but later you breed with a 100% het for albino and you find that your 66% really is a standard grey. .. . does that mean your ripped all those people off? phew that was a mouthful. I hope ya'll understand my question, I've just been wondering. OOOOOHHHH and can a 100% het for albino have an albino with a standard grey or does it need a het for albino.. . I'm assuming it needs an albino het. . . .

#227494 - 03/02/07 09:47 PM Re: Albino Het? [Re: ]


#227519 - 03/02/07 10:32 PM Re: Albino Het? [Re: ]

You are not ripping people off by charging more. If they are willing to pay more for a 33% het than a gray, they know that they are taking a gamble and only have a 33% chance of the glider carrying the gene. Some breeders do not charge more for joeys that have such a low % rate of being a het. The choice of what to charge is yours. There have been 25% and 33% hets that have proven, so it is possible, but like I said, it is a gamble. If at some point you discover that your possible het is not a het, you would not keep selling the offspring as possible hets and charging more.

#227543 - 03/02/07 11:02 PM Re: Albino Het? [Re: ]

i have no idea what ether of mine are, all this stuff confuses me confused.

all i know is i want a wierd color one! they are so cute! mlove

#227569 - 03/03/07 12:16 AM Re: Albino Het? [Re: ]
Judie Offline
Serious Glideritis

Registered: 10/25/01
Posts: 9173
Loc: Edwardsville, Kansas 66113
Possible Hets (no matter what the percentages are) should not take much longer to prove out than 100% Het pairings.

The reason I say the above is.... in order for a Possible Het to prove itself.... it must be a 100% Het to start with.

100% pairings usually produce a white or albino.... 1 in 4 breedings. So... Possible Hets if carriers for the Leu or Albino variation should also prove out to be 100% during the same time frame on average.

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