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One Year
by Ladymagyver
10/14/17 02:18 PM

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#2224 - 04/17/01 02:43 PM Dangerous Cages - Habitrail

My sister lives in another state and has AE gliders. For convenience, she bought a small, collapsable travel cage that snapped of those Habitrail Safari things. It looked really cool and she could attach the little tubes and things when she arrived to expand their play area - it even comes with a closed plastic wheel to attach to the cage for exercise. On a long drive, though, one of her gliders got its toe caught under one of the pieces of plastic that snap the cage together. The end result was that the poor glider had to ride for 2 hours to the next town with a vet open, and had to have it's toe amputated. The glider is okay and gets around very well, so it all worked out, but it could have been much worse. Just wanted to warn anyone who had the same bright idea we did. <P> [][/]

#2225 - 04/17/01 05:17 PM Re: Dangerous Cages - Habitrail [Re: ]

I am glad the glider is O.K! I'm sorry about his toe! I bought a habitrail cages for my hamster...but they kept getting out! So generally I wouldn't use a habitrail. I guess a lessond was learned~but it cost a toe! [][/]<P>------------------<BR>Gliderlover2

#2226 - 04/17/01 09:24 PM Re: Dangerous Cages - Habitrail [Re: ]

No habitrails for me. Thanks for the warning. Sorry to hear about the lost toe.<BR>Marvin<BR>

#2227 - 04/18/01 12:21 PM Re: Dangerous Cages - Habitrail [Re: ]

Oh My goodness thats awful. I'm glad your little guy is OK. It just tears me up when ever a glider get is trouble. They are capable animals, but they are just so little and cute I want to protect them from everything. Thanks for the warning. Peace<BR>


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Can sugar gliders live in darkness or do they need a light in the day time?
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10/11/17 07:15 PM
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