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#224033 - 02/24/07 05:49 PM Nails?!?!

My glider is a year old...Her nails are pretty long, they havnt been trimmed since we got her being the fact that she hasnt bonded with any of us yet. She wont get on a wheel to file them down. Any suggestions???

#224046 - 02/24/07 06:09 PM Re: Nails?!?! [Re: ]

wow, how long have you had her?? My male isn't bonded yet either, so what I do is wait until he is asleep in his pouch. Get everything ready, (including something to stop bleeding if you cut a cuticle). Then I take his pouch out, roll it down and just grab one foot. He crabs, so I'll just hold his foot gently until he stops. I make sure to keep his head and everything else in the pouch, and comfy. Then gently cut one nail at a time, taking breaks in between b/c he crabs so much. It literally takes me about 30 minutes. Sometimes I even have to stop and finish later, b/c he fusses so much. Just be sure you put some treats in her pouch first. I always drop some purple grape slices in there for him, he usually doesn't mind as much then. I suggest looking at some links on how to trim also. I'll go fetch some for you.

#224051 - 02/24/07 06:13 PM Re: Nails?!?! [Re: ]

here's a link. Just remember to barely cut the tip of the nail. Gliders have a fairly long quick, so its easy to cause bleeding. You can also use baby nail clippers, or cat clippers. The baby clippers work best for me. Oh and the two small nails on the back foot are used for grooming, it's best not to clip those unless they are VERY long. If you need anything else just PM me.

#224052 - 02/24/07 06:13 PM Re: Nails?!?! [Re: ]

Thanks so much!

I've had her for almost a year now.

#224100 - 02/24/07 08:04 PM Re: Nails?!?! [Re: ]

I saw some really cool baby nail clippers that have a flip magnifying glass on the end of it. I just saw them today at Walmart, so I havent tried them out. Has anyone used them?

#224132 - 02/24/07 09:26 PM Re: Nails?!?! [Re: ]

Oh wow, I am so checking those out. Too cool. Wait, I need to get my spending habit in order, lol. STOP, BREATHE, okay I'M still buying them, lol.

#224140 - 02/24/07 09:37 PM Re: Nails?!?! [Re: ]

if i try to do all my gliders at the same time it usually takes me about 2 days!! lol sometimes i can only get a few toes at a time because they think its play time alot!! i have 2 nail trimmer tracks and if i put them on the wheels, they won't use the wheels!! Smart little monkies aren't they!! lol

#224237 - 02/25/07 02:04 AM Re: Nails?!?! [Re: ]

Yes, they are very clever little rascals.... roflmao

#224245 - 02/25/07 02:58 AM Re: Nails?!?! [Re: ]
KattyM Offline
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I have a pair of those baby clippers with the magnifier, but my eyes are weird (I've had cataract surgeries in both), so it's hard for me to focus. The magnifier just seems to make things worse.

I trim my babies' nails when I feed them mealies. That distracts them. Keiko is my mello jello, and I can usually get all of her nails with one mealie. Tomoki, if I'm lucky, will let me trim a foot and hand. Hiroshi, if I'm lucky, will let me trim one nail. He's fast with his mealie and immediately tries to climb back in my bra.

There are several techniques that have been offered by our members. One is to roll the glider up in a towel like a burrito, and then pull a hand or foot out, and trim.

Another is to get a nail file and just gently file their nails while they're asleep during the day in a pouch.

Another is to recruit a friend to hold the glider (they're great at alligator rolls) while you trim.

Another is to take the glider to a vet.

The key is to trim while they're the sleepiest (during the day). And follow with treats like a mealie or yogurt drop. You do want to keep the nails trimmed, though. When too long, they can get caught in fabrics, and they could hurt themselves struggling to get free. worried

Here are some sites with tips and pictures:

Trimming Your Glider's Nails
Trimming Sugar Glider Nails

Do have some styptic powder, or flour, on hand in case you cut too short. Good luck!
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#224537 - 02/25/07 05:22 PM Re: Nails?!?! [Re: KattyM]

we have had our gliders for the the last 6 months in that time i have clipped her claws a few times. according to the link above i have been doing the right thing. the thing is after they have been cut she doesnt seem to be able to hang on to anything and her lil claws keep getting cought all the time. we are getting really woried about her as she seems to be a little withdrawn

#224604 - 02/25/07 06:55 PM Re: Nails?!?! [Re: ]

She'll be like that for a few days. But give her a week and she'll be back to normal.

#224934 - 02/26/07 10:55 AM Re: Nails?!?! [Re: ]

i decided to cut her claws again last night as she kept getting stuk on everything she walked on and seemed to be stressing her out. i decided to use small nail scissors it took a while for me to gain her confidence and for her to calm down while i cut them but as soon as i had finished and put her down she was running around like a mad woman and was back to her old self in seconds. panic over!!!

#224937 - 02/26/07 11:06 AM Re: Nails?!?! [Re: ]
Xglider Offline
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sunseeker... glad all went well!
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#225182 - 02/26/07 07:03 PM Re: Nails?!?! [Re: Xglider]

I just got my baby girl who has very sharp nails and i am wondering if trimming them this early will somehow damage them she gets cought on everything. i dont think it stresses her out much but just wondering?

#225210 - 02/26/07 07:52 PM Re: Nails?!?! [Re: ]

How old is your little one, no4hed? She should be at least 8 wks OOP (out of pouch). Trimming nails does not harm them at all even in very young joeys. If she's getting them caught on everything, there is a danger of her tearing one off, so trimming is the best idea. You only trim the very tip, just enough to dull the point.

#226852 - 03/01/07 04:05 PM Re: Nails?!?! [Re: ]

she is 9 weeks


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