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#225199 - 02/26/07 07:24 PM Pricilla's diet - How do you do it?

ok, i know there is a monsterous thread on this diet, but i get lost trying to read it. All I want to know is how do you present the diet to your suggies?

I freeze the basic mix in 1 tbsp cubes, without protein mixed in. Each glider gets 1/2 cube of mix, 1/2 tbsp protein (egg or chicken) and 1/2 TBSP veggies and 1/2 Tbsp fruit. I have been talking with someone, and now i think i am doing it all wrong.

Please let me know how you do it if you use this diet.

#225206 - 02/26/07 07:44 PM Re: Pricilla's diet - How do you do it? [Re: ]

I make 3 separate batches each time - one with scrambled egg, one with broiled chicken, and one plain.

I put a different combination of fruits and veggies in each of the 3 batches.

I freeze the mix into silicone mini muffin pans, then I pop out the "muffins" and put them in gallon Ziplocs. Each "muffin is about 2 Tbsp.

I have 4 gliders per cage, so I feed 4 Tbsp per cage w/ 1/2 tsp of Priscilla's vits sprinkled on top (I measure them into an empty shaker & shake until it's empty again).

#225219 - 02/26/07 08:14 PM Re: Pricilla's diet - How do you do it? [Re: ]

I just recently started using Priscilla's. I just made my second batch last night.

I just followed the directions from her website.

I mixed the applesauce, oatmeal, yogurt and wheat germ in a mixing bowl with a spoon. (last time I used a food processor, but that chopped it up too much)

Then I split it in two containers and in one I mixed in 1/2 lb shredded boiled chicken and the other half I mixed the yolks of 4 scrambled eggs (my gliders have been sensitive to the whites of eggs so I just use yolks).

In the half with chicken I mixed in 3/4 cup cantaloup, persimmon and apple, (cut up in small pieces) and 3/4 cup green beans, carrots and artichokes.

In the half with egg, I haven't mixed the fruit and veggies in yet, but I was planning blueberries and papaya for the fruit and maybe a little (very little) corn and peas for the veggies. I have trouble thinking of veggies to use.

I like Gina's idea about the muffin cups. Priscilla doesn't specify how much to feed. She just says to break off a piece of frozen mix. Gina, are these very small muffin cups? Because I thought an ice cube tray was 2 tablespoons. But the size of a regular muffin seems about right to me for two gliders. Maybe a little more since that will be counting the fruit and veggies.

#225280 - 02/26/07 09:10 PM Re: Pricilla's diet - How do you do it? [Re: ]

ok, i was thinking that i was supposed to do the fruits and veggies seperate, oops. guess i will try that next time, but i think for proportions, i am getting pretty close with how i am doing it... maybe a bit much protein though

#225285 - 02/26/07 09:13 PM Re: Pricilla's diet - How do you do it? [Re: ]
pappy1264 Offline
Glideritis Anonymous

Registered: 08/31/06
Posts: 11015
Loc: MA
I began this diet recently and Timmy and Gidget LOVE IT! Bandit is still deciding! lol I freeze it flat, than when frozen I broke it up (I used a hammer! lol) I mixed the fruits/veggies in the smoothie maker, added a little yogurt and added that in to the two portions. Mine really love both the chicken and the egg. Next time, I will do a 'plain' one (on the website, it said to split it in two).
Timmy, Gidget(RIP), Bandit, Petey(RIP), Phoebe, Jake (RIP) Piper(RIP), Pru(RIP), Paige, Cole, Molly(RIP), Oliver, Wyatt, Roo(RIP), Romeo, Pennie, Mandy(RIP), Madison, Garth, Kikipoo, Stasia, Bella, Petunia(RIP), Helen, Sydney, Kizzy and Sweet Pea's mom,

#225372 - 02/26/07 11:56 PM Re: Pricilla's diet - How do you do it? [Re: pappy1264]

I mix all the veggies in a blender w/ the applesauce so its all blended together and no "picking or choosing" when it comes to veggies, though I do make sure a couple chunks stay a bit bigger so he has something to pick up and hold to eat.

For variety I use different fruits & veggies in the mixes. However, through experiementing I have found my boy prefers the egg & chicken mixed together in one big batch. I freeze it in ice cube trays and feed one cube per glider and put it in his cage still frozen and vitamins sprinkled on top. I do feed the first 2 nights after making a fresh batch fresh, but he prefers the *slightly thawed* stage the best.

However, I really don't think it matters how you present it to your glider as long as they eat everything. Priscilla has a couple different versions of the diet and one version is feeding each item individually and others are blending everything together. This stuff doesn't have to be mixed in any special way to get the gliders to like it and eat it, so play around with it and find out how your glider likes it the best.

#225445 - 02/27/07 07:39 AM Re: Pricilla's diet - How do you do it? [Re: ]

I am gonna try mixing in the fruits and veggies next time. but i have enough right now to last me about 6 weeks, so it will be awhile. I have a processor that shreds the fruits pretty well, so i will do that and mix it in with the mix next time, and i get the frozen mixed veggies from walmart (i heard it is the best one somewhere) and they are chopped up pretty small so i can leave that as is. I'll give it a shot anyways

#225465 - 02/27/07 08:39 AM Re: Pricilla's diet - How do you do it? [Re: ]
jacknsally Offline
Glider Addict

Registered: 03/30/05
Posts: 3224
Loc: North Fort Worth - TX
I don't premix the fruits & veggies before hand- I use ice cube trays for freezing the mix & there was no way there was enough fruits & veggies in the ice cube with the mix. My ice cube trays are 2TBspoons- so I feed 1 of those to each pair with a side of of 2TBS of Fresh Fruits & 2TBS of Fresh Veggies each night.
~Always on my mind & in my heart Jack, Sally & Serenity~

Mobmilli's Boutique

#225471 - 02/27/07 08:50 AM Re: Pricilla's diet - How do you do it? [Re: ]
gliderboy4life Offline
Glider Guardian

Registered: 02/06/06
Posts: 841
Loc: Houston, Texas
Here is the best way I have figured out how to do it over the past 4 years. I have 12 gliders and it works great. This is what is posted on my site under nutrition:

Here at GliderBoy Gliders we use The Pet Glider Exotic diet. As well as mealworms, and various treats. Here is the glider recipe:
4-25 oz unsweetened applesauce
4-4 oz Dannon non-fat plain yogurt
4-3 oz concentrated calcium fortified orange juice, no water added
4- 3/4 c Old Fashioned Oats (NO QUICK COOKING OATS)
4-1 T fresh ground flax seed or wheat germ, refrigerated

In a large mixing bowl, with a wooden spoon, mix 25 oz. of applesauce with 4 oz. of yogurt, 3oz. of orange juice, ¾ c of old fashioned oats (or until it slightly thickens up the mixture), and 1 T of ground flax seed or wheat germ. Make 3 different batches one with chicken(about 3/4 to 1 lb.), another with scrambled eggs(5-6 eggs), and another one plain.Add fresh/frozen fruits and vegetables to the mixes.Be sure to offer a variety in each one! Make sure there is enough fruits and veggies and not to little. There should be enough that every scoop is filled with them. Now scoop however much your gliders eat each night into a small ziploc baggy. Label them and place them in the freezer. Each morning place the bag your feeding that day in the fridge to thaw out. When you are ready to serve the food for the night scoop it onto a paper plate or plastic lid. Now sprinkle 1/8tsp. per glider of the vitamins over the food.

Feeding schedule should be:
Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday: Different mix each day .
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday: Plain Mix, plus about 15 mealworms per glider.
NOTE: On mealworm nights food consumption will be low.
Don't feed beef, seeds/nuts, or cottage cheese to your gliders. These are high in phosphorus. Avoid feeding anything with preservatives, sugar, or color additives. Keep the diet low-fat.
Daily exercise is vital. Exercise helps bones absorb calcium and stimulates bone thickening.
If you would like to order the Pet Glider Complete Multi-Vitamin, please contact me.
Tyler Cleckley

#225489 - 02/27/07 09:37 AM Re: Pricilla's diet - How do you do it? [Re: gliderboy4life]

Thanks tyler, I will give that a shot. Do you shred or grate your veggies?

#225553 - 02/27/07 11:00 AM Re: Pricilla's diet - How do you do it? [Re: ]
gliderboy4life Offline
Glider Guardian

Registered: 02/06/06
Posts: 841
Loc: Houston, Texas
No problem I find this way works great. For me a snack size bag filled feeds my gliders. Depending on how many you have would depend on bag size.
As for how I do my fruits and veggies. I actually stuck with mostly frozen. I just cut them up into small chunks so they can pick them up. With the frozen veggies I didn't do anyting with I just mixed them in how they were. I used from Walmart the bag with corn peas beans and carrots, and then an extra small bag of peas. You can also put them in a food processor. I used to use the small red one by Kitchen Aid it worked really good and didn't really turn everything to mush. Keep in mind that you don't really want it like a slush, but small enough peices they can pick up and hold. At least I prefer it that way. If you have any more questions just send them my way. Also, working with Priscilla and making her mix fresh everday for her gliders really showed me how it is suppost to be done. I am gratefull becasue most others don't have an opportunity to see/make it first hand for Priscilla herself.
Tyler Cleckley

#225557 - 02/27/07 11:09 AM Re: Pricilla's diet - How do you do it? [Re: gliderboy4life]
BCChins Offline
Glider Addict

Registered: 11/16/05
Posts: 3089
Loc: Central Connecticut
UMM Billy Did you mean 3 batches or 4 as you have enough ing. listed to make 4 batches???? In your writen instuctions you state 3 batches??
Sorry if I as mistaking.
Have a Good Day
Brenda &
Mr. Magoo

Friendly Reminder please have an e-collar ready before you need it......

#225586 - 02/27/07 11:54 AM Re: Pricilla's diet - How do you do it? [Re: BCChins]
BeckiT Offline
Glideritis Anonymous

Registered: 09/29/06
Posts: 16083
Loc: Manitowoc, WI
IIRC, he also makes a batch with tofu in it, but I don't see it up there either Brenda...
~Becki & Crew~
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