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#234266 - 03/13/07 08:07 PM Gliding Questions

Just a quick question, do suggies tend to glide much in captivity? If so from what hight should you let them glide from. Since I have a pretty high loft area, around 15 feet would it be intelligent to let them get exercise and glide down, or not?



#234277 - 03/13/07 08:20 PM Re: Gliding Questions [Re: ]

I know a lot of owners who teach their suggies how to glide by putting them up on the blades of the ceiling fan and then coaxing them to glide down to them. I know another owner who said her suggies love to run up the stairs and then glide down from the balcony above. I would start out by encouraging them to glide from a shorter distance and then see how they do with that before I let them try from 20 feet. Remember that in the wild they can glide up to 250 feet from treetop to treetop.

#234297 - 03/13/07 08:50 PM Re: Gliding Questions [Re: ]

mine started out by gliding from me to their cage when i put dinner inside. That would be a good start. Then i brought them into the bathroom and let them glider form different fleece blankies that i had hanging all over.. I would wait to let them loose until you know that they are bonded and you can atleast coax them back to you with mealies. (i'm not sure of your relationship with your gliders) Maybe you can set up some halfway marks for them to glide to from the 15feet like those NON-CAT NIP cat trees. or rig something nice and tall that they can reach for just in case.. just make sure if you do the cat tree that you absolutley make sure the manufacturer does not use cat nip. SOmetimes it doesnt say on the box or the tag but they still spray some on. They sell a cheap $40.00 one in walmart that i have for my cats. I called the manfacturer and they said it is not treated or sprayed or had any cat nip in contact with it in any way. (i told them i had a child with a severe allergy - its easier than explaining the suggie issue) But anyways that one goes form my ceiling to the floor and is perfect for my suggies. They love it.

#234310 - 03/13/07 09:17 PM Re:Gliding Questions [Re: ]

Definitely try placing them up high and coaxing them down. Just be kind...some gliders LOVE to glide and others will never glide in captivity probably and just have little interest in it. I have heard some people "tossing their gliders" onto the bed or something to "train them to glide" and I can imagine how much that must stress the poor little guys out frown

I have one glider who is quite intrepid and I'm sure when I get a bigger place she will glide as far as she can...I've seen her sail across the living room once. My other guy will barely jump a foot so I doubt I will ever see him glide, lol. They each have their individual gliding mojos smile

#234396 - 03/13/07 11:53 PM Re:Gliding Questions [Re: ]

Wow thats really cool. I thought they might be too nervous to glide in captivity. Right now I do not have any suggies, but I am currently trying to convince my family to let me buy one. Being able to glide is really sweet in my opinion. 20 kudos for gliding.


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