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#23717 - 07/13/04 11:48 PM Must 2 Males be neutered......or not?

I see people all the time insisting that two mature males cannot co-exist peacefully in the same cage unless they/or one are neutered? This would make complete sense to me if they had a female to fight for breeding rights over, but not if there were just two fellas in a cage with no other gliders around. Have people had success with male/male pairings with no females to fight over? Is it possible that they can remain intact and live their lives peacefully? <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/nixweiss.gif" alt="" />

#23718 - 07/14/04 06:18 AM Re: Must 2 Males be neutered......or not? [Re: ]

<img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wave.gif" alt="" />
Gliders have a pecking order when there is more than one. Usually there is a dominent male or female, and also a meek male or female. When you have 2 unneutered males they may fight. I say usually, if they are realeted, such as two brothers, or son and father they may or may not fight. I have had to seperate brothers due to fighting, even after neutering I was unsucessful in reintroducing them together again. Then I have a father and son, both unneutered who get along wonderful with no fighting ever. Of course there is no female in the cage with them so they don't have to bid for her attention either. So much depends on the gliders personalities.

#23719 - 07/14/04 06:37 AM Re: Must 2 Males be neutered......or not? [Re: ]

I have two males that are not related. They have always gotten along great. I had them neutered when they were over 8 months old. I did it because they smelled so bad, not because they didn't get along.
I guess it just depends on the individual gliders.

#23720 - 07/14/04 04:31 PM Re: Must 2 Males be neutered......or not? [Re: ]

Ozzy & Chip are intact males (15mos). They were pouch mates and never have been separated. They have absolutely no problem getting along. You do see them tussle occasionally, and they do 'tsk' each other sometimes in the pouch, but nothing more. When Ozzy was very sick last weekend, Chip groomed him, slept by his side constantly, and imho "refused to let him go."

I've no experience in unrelated males, or males that were introduced later in life, but definately don't have any worries about my two.


#23721 - 07/14/04 04:41 PM Re: Must 2 Males be neutered......or not? [Re: ]

I say it depends on the glider. I have had males that got along with other intact, non-related males, and I've seen neutered males that refused the company of anything other than females. I've also seen females do the same thing. I think male gliders are no more aggressive towards each other than any other species, but that is my personal opinon...

#23722 - 07/17/04 12:11 PM Re: Must 2 Males be neutered......or not? [Re: ]

I resucued two males who we are not sure how old they are but we know they aren't brothers...... i know they are adults b/c they both have bald spots and they are so nice to each other.... so i don't think it's necessary.


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