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#239322 - 03/20/07 07:23 PM Self mutilation???

ok... I'm [censored] out!

I really thought that all of my girls injuries were dure to her previous cagemates... A bonded couple. She was beat up on a nightly basis and when I brought her home she had fresh wounds on her face and tail... Well her face is healing wonderfully! The tail...not so much! It was looking good one day and then pink the next, then scabbed over then more fresh... like she is picking at it! It just looks like she is doing more damage to it! I'm really afraid that she is chewing on it! It looks worse then when I brought her home! its not open wounds, but its pretty pink and its the scabbs are just not staying in place! she is pulling them off or just not letting them form. It looks just awful!

Should I be [censored] out??? She is grooming fine, eating well, loving her little man, and being social with me. So she seems ok... but I can't help but think that her tail is going to be a MAJOR issue for her! OH!!! and It was broken at some point! It has a serious kink in the end, about an inch away from the tip. do you think she could be trying to chew her tail off?? Gosh I hope not!!! She was very abused by her cage mates prior to coming home with me from the breeder. She's only 9 months old.

Oh and I don't have a vet near that has seen SG's So I would be taking her to a Gen vet who sees cats and dogs mostly. But I do need to get the tail checked out... Should she be in a collar?? She could still get her tail... She's chewing at the end of it.... about and inch and a half from the end.



#239327 - 03/20/07 07:26 PM Re: Self mutilation??? [Re: ]
glidergrl1513 Offline
Serious Glideritis

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Loc: Upstate NY
If she's chewing and not just grooming, definately get her into an e-collar. She needs to go to a vet to make sure that she is not SMing and that her tail is healing, even a general vet will be okay. You should take some of the vet infos that will do phone consults with your vet since he probably won't really know what he's doing.

#239331 - 03/20/07 07:29 PM Re: Self mutilation??? [Re: glidergrl1513]

I would put her in a collar especailly if she is still chewing.You will have to help her eat.

#239338 - 03/20/07 07:32 PM Re: Self mutilation??? [Re: ]

if its the end of the tail, it will need covered also. I know some have used a straw to cover it so the glider doesn't do more damage. I'll see if I can find you some one more knowledgeable to help. This is very serious and painful to the glider.

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#239658 - 03/21/07 05:18 AM Re: Self mutilation??? [Re: ]
sugarglidersuz Offline
Glideritis Anonymous

Registered: 08/28/04
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Loc: Cleveland, Ohio
She does need to be put into an e-collar right away. If you don't already know how to make one, read: How to Make an E-Collar. You also need to get her to a vet ASAP to make sure she hasn't done any permanent damage & to get both a topical & an oral antibiotic for her.
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#239903 - 03/21/07 12:24 PM Re: Self mutilation??? [Re: sugarglidersuz]
Dancing Offline
Glideritis Anonymous

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With tail injuries, like it being broken, it could be tingling, itching, or even causing pain. Chances are she will need the end of her tail amputated if she doesn't leave it alone.

Putting on the ecollar and then wrapping her tail using a large straw (like from McDonalds) as a splint will keep her from being able to curl her tail around the collar. If she continues like she is, the tissue could turn necrotic and that can lead to blood poisioning and death.

At this point, you need to keep her from doing any more damage. Don't let her get to her tail, what ever it takes. She needs to see a vet for antibiotics and pain meds. If she hurts at all, she will continue to chew. Pain management is crutial.

Even if you see a regular vet (dog and cat) and if your glider does need a partial tail amputation (just above the break), it isn't a difficult proceedure. There are many vets willing to do phone consults with other vets.

When Sebastian had his tail amputated, the vet used isoflorin gas to put him under. He then cut the tail above the injury at a JOINT. This is important. It needs to be at a joint, not cutting the bone itself. The vet then stitched the skin over the end of the tail. Baytril was given as an antibiotic and Torb as a pain med.

Sebastian also had to be kept seperate from his cage mates while he healed to keep them from "helping him" by grooming the wound. Grooming the wound does not allow it to heal.
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#241122 - 03/22/07 04:28 PM Re: Self mutilation??? [Re: Dancing]

OK.... She goes in this afternoon... 4pm. One of my local vets has a partner who sees exotics! So thank heavens she'll have good care! They just hired this vet for their office! And boy am I glad they did!

I took a VERY close look at the tail last night....

I almost hurled! She has pretty much self amputated it. She has it down to the bone, in one area, and there is lots of dead tissue involved... It has to come off NOW! I knew it was bad, but until you restrain her and get her in the bright lights... Gosh, I just did not realize how bad! How could her breeder have let her get this bad... or sold her to someone like this??? What a %$#@&*($&%$# (I censored myself!)

I spoke with the vet and told her that it was an abuse/SM issue and that 50% of the tail needed to be removed ASAP. That the SG was in the process of removing it herself and we needed to act before an infection took hold and killed her.

I feel so relieved that she is going in and being seen! I have been so stressed about it!

I am wondering though... How tough is the recovery process?? How long did it take Sebastian to recover?? And what kind of care did he require?? Was the collar a danger for him to wear in the cage?? did you have to keep him in a special cage??

Anyone else have a Glider go through the surgery?? How did it go??

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#241129 - 03/22/07 04:37 PM Re: Self mutilation??? [Re: ]
Xfilefan Offline
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This has happened to a number of gliders, and normally the outcome is good IF 1-they are in a collar with the tail wrapped to prevent further damage post surgery 2-antibiotics and pain meds are administered post op, antibiotics for 2 weeks minimum (to 3), pain meds usually 2-5 days, and the collar kept on until she shows no further inclination to mess with it. That can be as few as a few days once the bad tissue comes off, or as long as a couple weeks normally. Injury and infection are the two main causes for this. Injury will be taken care of by the surgery, and infection by the antibiotics.

Keep us updated.
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