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#240175 - 03/21/07 04:12 PM I think my baby scraped his head :(

When I looked at my baby after coming home from work today, I noticed his bald spot doesn't look right. I think he scraped his head on something, right on his bald spot. The bald spot is actually bald, with no hair and you can see a spot of white skin, and it's not red or anything, but it looks like there's some scraped up skin above it? He's not acting any different, and like I said it's not red or anything. I think I want to take him to the vet, but money's REALLY tight right now, so I wanted to see what you guys think first. I WILL take him to the vet if he needs to go, that's not a problem, I just wanted to check first!
It's kind of hard to explain what exactly I'm seeing, so I took pictures.

This one shows the white spot pretty well
Picky's head picture 1
And this one shows what looks like scraped up skin better
Picky's head picture 2

#240188 - 03/21/07 04:18 PM Re: I think my baby scraped his head :( [Re: ]

Oh, I forgot to say, PRETTY PLEASE give me your advice. I'd really appreciate it. Thank you.

#240194 - 03/21/07 04:21 PM Re: I think my baby scraped his head :( [Re: ]
Ellen Offline
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It looks fine to me except is that a little redness like some blood toward the back of the scent gland or just something in the picture?

Their bald spot will get bigger at times and then it seems to get smaller. It has to do with harmones.

The next picture has a red spot but not in the same place.
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#240195 - 03/21/07 04:22 PM Re: I think my baby scraped his head :( [Re: ]

Hmmm, well, the pics aren't close enough for me to really tell anything except that he's got something on his head.

Is there any chance it's a piece of chewed up food or something that's just stuck there? Or can you definately tell it's skin?

Either way, I don't think he needs to go to the vet. I would get a warm wet wash cloth & gently clean the area, then apply a thin layer of regular neosporin.

#240198 - 03/21/07 04:25 PM Re: I think my baby scraped his head :( [Re: ]
Dancing Offline
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I agree, it looks superficial in the photos. Although photos can be decieving. I would wash it with the warm wash cloth and put neosporin (no pain reliver) on it several times a day. Watch it, if it starts oozing or starts to stink (rotten smell) or gets inflamed, then a vet visit is needed.

(basically the same treatment for a human childs skinned knee)
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#240201 - 03/21/07 04:30 PM Re: I think my baby scraped his head :( [Re: ]

I can definitely tell its skin that's sticking up. It's redish like there may have been some blood. :/ The skin of the bald spot isn't red at all so maybe he just rubbed the hair off somehow? I don't know, but thank you, I'll try the neosporin.

#240209 - 03/21/07 04:38 PM Re: I think my baby scraped his head :( [Re: ]

I hope its nothing bad. And good luck with everything!!!

#240216 - 03/21/07 04:44 PM Re: I think my baby scraped his head :( [Re: ]
Mel2mdl Offline
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Make sure it isn't a strawberry or red fruit - that is what it was with mine (thank goodness my husband figured it out before I got to the vet! smile ) Otherwise, I would treat it like a skinned knee as Dancing suggested! Good luck and keep us updated!
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#240217 - 03/21/07 04:44 PM Re: I think my baby scraped his head :( [Re: Dancing]

The spot DOES smell, but it is his scent gland area so I think that's the reason, it doesn't smell rotten. He's never had an actually bald spot, its alway been more like the hair is matted down around the area from the scent stuff which exposes some skin, but now hair is obviously missing and some of it is in the piece that's sticking up.

I was really hoping I was overreacting (I tend do that a lot) so I'm really glad to here it probably just needs some neosporin!

I'm going CRAZY trying to figure out what he could've scraped his head on in the cage! It all seems safe!

#240219 - 03/21/07 04:45 PM Re: I think my baby scraped his head :( [Re: ]

Always kind of hard to tell with pics, but sometimes mine will get a flake or 2 that comes off, it is due to the oils secreted by the bald spot. Kind of like cradle cap in babies.

#240265 - 03/21/07 05:21 PM Re: I think my baby scraped his head :( [Re: ]

You can do the "cotton ball test" to try to figure out what scraped his noggin. Take a cotton ball & gently run it over every surface in the cage. If it snags, you'll know thats a problem area that needs to be lightly sanded with fine grit sandpaper to remove any dangers. thumb

#240267 - 03/21/07 05:25 PM Re: I think my baby scraped his head :( [Re: ]

Have you done a cottonball test? Run a cottonball along the edges, sides, floor, etc of you cage. If the cotton catches anywhere, you know where you need to file down or fix smile

To me, looks like a little scratch - not too bad. He could have done it himself somehow on accident too. Dancing has some great advise (now and always wink ) so I would say just follow the advice of handling it like what it is - a little scratch smile.

Let us know how it turns out!

#240299 - 03/21/07 06:21 PM Re: I think my baby scraped his head :( [Re: ]

Ok, I went to the store and bought neosporin and cotton balls, and now his head has been neosporined and the cage has been cotton balled.

Good news is he didn't act like it hurt or anything when I applied the neosporin, he just looked at me and moved his head a little as if to ask "Uh... what are you doing to my head?"

Bad news is there are a few places that failed the cotton ball test, it's the little tiny doors (that I'm still unsure of the purpose of) on the side of the cage and I'll sand them down just as soon as I can get something to sand them with. Though, I really don't know how he could get the side of the cage in contact with the top of his head... maybe he was doing gymnastics, flipping around and such...

After thinking some more I think it's probably more likely that he RUBBED his head on something that's not necessarily sharp and that the skin was soft from the oils being secreted so it rubbed the top layer off... maybe? And maybe he was going to lose that hair anyway due to changing hormones or whatever and that's why it doesn't hurt. Maybe? I don't know. Heh.

But I'll rid his cage of any possible dangers before he wakes up tonight. smile Thanks so much for everyone's help!

#240304 - 03/21/07 06:26 PM Re: I think my baby scraped his head :( [Re: ]

That's what I was thinking, that he was marking by "head rubbing" and he just happened to mark something a bit sharp.


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