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#2417 - 07/23/01 12:30 AM A fight for Life

I'm gonna tell you the life story about my gliders, hoping a new glider owner will learn a few things.<P>my uncle and aunt wanted gliders, and new it was going to be a responcibility, but were willing to take it. they got a male and female, the female came straight from the wiled, and was the most affraid glider ever her name was gigget. as you could amagin she was quite stressed. and the male was gizmo. and the bonding went well with him he was vary play full. they got more gliders and then had joeys, and before I knew it I couldn't keep track of who was who anymore.<P>their biggest tragity was one of the most loving gliders, their fav drowned in the tolit. it was horribul and they greaved and greaved. <P>they had them for years, they moved a few times, which put more stress on gigget. so gigget was a vary srtessed wiled animal, but she easily addapted by the company of the other gliders. She wanted nothing to do with people, they respected that and time when on she learnt that people wont hurt you, they feed you, she calmed down but had a hard life, but it was going to get worse.<P>my uncle and aunt broke up and split the gliders up. uncle taking 2 females gigget and cloie. cloie is giggets doughter. Who knows what happend to my old aunt and her males, but my uncle moved in to a big house that couldn't be glider proffed. He had the bastment as his room, and you can't glider proof a bastment, and the house was huge with no closed in area's, and the people he lived with didn't want them in there bed room. So for one year they were couped up. he could of put them in a ball but he lost motivation after 4 years to putting them in the ball, it was always to late or something.<P> So gigget got sick. he took her to the vet. a good vet. she gave him meds and she got better. time passed and they were still in the cage. again gigget was getting sick. She was losing all the hair on her head. and if you look for it online which there isn't much about it, like HLP the end is always fatel.<P>I saw this and thought, thats it, I want them. I talked with my uncle and said I can give them everything they need. I live in a small place and with his help, because he did know alot about them I can get them back. it was hard for him to deparcher but he knew it was the best. So I bought them for 150 bucks for 2. keep in mined that they say you don't give up your gliders to a new owner, becasue its mean. and Really stressful. just like having a little cage is mean. <P>they had a meadium size cage, but I had to get a bigger one, becasue it was 2 small, they were pooping in their food. I think a cage that costs less then 100 bucks is a death wish.<BR>anyway's<BR>I took them home keeping in mined that gigget could pass, but I didn't know. And I'm not an experte, this is my first time even though I grew up with them for 5 years. Gigget was now 5 and Cloie was 3. Cloie didn't take it well at all. She hated me, kindof like Gigget when she was taken from the wiled. she was stressed and would not eat if I was in the room. she wouldn't leave her bed, and if she did and saw me would run to her bed where she was safe. I would hand feed her, because she would take food if it was right in front of her.<P>I glider proofed the spair room, I got my uncle to glider proof it with me. I let gigget out, but cloie would not come out. Gigget LOVED it, I have never seen her so happy in my life. she bounced around and all that, but she couldn't glide a foot. I watched her get ready for a glide. it was about a foot apart. and she jumped and went the wrong way and landed bside it. I was worried something was wrong with her persption, she looked at it and she landed beside it. my uncel pointed out that it was from being in a cage for a year. she got better, AND her hair grew back. which is vary amazing as I'm the first to see on line. I wanted Cloie to run. for her health, but she wouldn't do it if I was in the room. Leaving them in a room alone is a vary bad thing, but I had recalled my uncle doing it, so I thought it wouldn't hurt. well this is why you don't let them run on their own, other then just the toilt incedent.<P>I came back in to the room and Gigget had gotten in to bath oil beads, and was covered in it. Cloie had gotten in to ink in a small plastic tube. I had probablems with cats getting in to these to, because they are easy to chew. she chewed it open, and it was on her nose and paws, but no were elts, I though she must of drank it all. I didn't take them to the vet, just worried for 3 days straight. its bin months since then. they probably got sick, but they lived.<P>so they can be a vary strong animal if they are happy, sometimes the happiness can be just another glider in the cage. because I swear if I only had one glider, I wouldn't have any right now. I have had them for 4 months, and I'm trying to bond with Cloie right now, I have moved from having my had in the cage and feeding her. to carring her wile she sleeps. and she's such a crabby sleeper. I hope you learn at least one thing out of this, if anything think its a cute story on how gliders will fight to live when there is something to live for.<P>MIYU

#2418 - 07/23/01 12:33 PM Re: A fight for Life [Re: ]

Aww thats a sad story how they lived with your uncle being in that cage for a long time [][/] But I am gald that you took them.<P>------------------<BR>Gliders Rule!

#2419 - 07/23/01 12:53 PM Re: A fight for Life [Re: ]

I'm glad you took them in, it sounds like they are much happier with you. I'm pleased to know that even though they got into some trouble with ink and oil they survived it and hopefully it won't happen again.<P>Keep up the good work and love those little cuties like there's no tomorrow!! [][/]

#2420 - 07/23/01 02:45 PM Re: A fight for Life [Re: ]

oh yeah, the spair room has bin compleatly removed or everything but the bed and it going to be a glider room, filled with only glider toy's. and they can rome it as they please, I don't want them romming my house because I don't have glider safe plants, but Cloie did get out once, my boy friend left the cage oppen and she went after my dried roses from grad. they mustof smelt good, she came out that night and we put her back in her room. *hehehe* <P>I still think its amazing how Gigget got over such an illness as fatel at HLP. there has bin some little side affects though which I put in under Behavior and anatomy section under the CRISIS post some one made really worried about her gliders. gigget was going through the same crisis and I think I now know why. ^_^

#2421 - 07/23/01 03:13 PM Re: A fight for Life [Re: ]

Im glad you took them. It sounds like youre doin good [][/]<P> [][/] [][/]<P>Josh n Bongo

#2422 - 07/23/01 06:49 PM Re: A fight for Life [Re: ]

You mentioned HLP a couple of times in your post, but didn't say what your glider's diet plan is. I'm sure having a loving home with room to play will benefit your gliders to no end, but HLP is a dietary problem as you already know. Was there a change in their food as well during this recovery period? Also, keep up the good work. It sounds like you really love your two little girls and take a lot of time and effort to make them happy.

#2423 - 07/23/01 11:04 PM Re: A fight for Life [Re: ]

yeah it was a small diet change, he used rep-cal and mixed it in their fruit, he would cut up fruit for one to two weeks and mix it with a tiny bit of honey he also used caned fruit if he didn't have any fruit. and cat food, meal worms were a treat. <BR>my change was always cutting fresh fruit, I don't like the easy way out I leave cat food in the cage but they don't eat it because I give them meal worms all the time instead of jsut a treat. and I follow BML because it seems to be the best but I love fruit so I usually spend 20 bucks on it becasue I eat it to *grin* but fresh seems to be better then old eh


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