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#2428 - 07/31/01 10:44 PM Warning about the Proflex Wheel

I got my wheel a month ago and my gliders love it...I wrote a really nice report on it when I first got the proflex wheel.<P>I have the large one and it takes up a lot of space so I didn't ahng it up. I was going to hang it up but it would take up way too much space, so I sat the stand on the floor of the cage.<P>This weekend I went to the SGGA and decided to take both my wheel since one glider likes that wheel and the other likes the woodent wheel.<P>Friday I hung the cage upside down by its stand.<P>It was fine when I got up saturday, but when I woke up sunday mornign the cage was on the floor and the stand was still hanging up.<P>It was hanging in a really small travel cage so it didn't fall more than an inch or twe, however I am sure thats enough to really scare a glider.<P>If I had hung it up at home they would have fallen 4 and a half feet.<P>After closer examination I found that the stand and the wheel were never glued was just one pvc pipe stuck into another one. I have since found that this was not some weird fluke...they never seem to glue them together.<P>I recieved no instructions or warnings with this wheel and since it is made for sugar gliders I assumed it was safe to hang up.<P>Please be very careful if you buy this wheel. You must glue the stand and the wheel togetehr BEFORE hanging it up or your gliders might end up hurt or dead if it falls.<P>

#2429 - 07/31/01 11:07 PM Re: Warning about the Proflex Wheel [Re: ]
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So happy that no one [][/] was hurt or worse.<BR>Thanks for the warning & it should be posted on the directions!<BR>There are two different options usually offered for the wheel - a side mounting bracket or a stand.<BR>I believe it would be left unglued to get the wheel in & out of smaller cages & for cleaning purposes.(I have found that to be a handy feature for cleaning)<P>I also had a problem with the 1st two wodent wheels I purchased, the nut came undone & allowed the wheel to come off & I have a 6 ft tall cage, but that has been corrected now with a pin.
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#2430 - 08/01/01 12:57 PM Re: Warning about the Proflex Wheel [Re: Devil_Bunny_Girl]

And to think I was gonna get one of those proflex wheels if yours worked out ok. Thanks for letting us know.<P>Marie

#2431 - 08/01/01 01:41 PM Re: Warning about the Proflex Wheel [Re: ]

Marie: I still think you should get gliders love it! I think tis safe if you either glue it first or don't hang it up.<P>Your gliders will love it you just have to make sure its safe first!

#2432 - 08/01/01 10:21 PM Re: Warning about the Proflex Wheel [Re: ]

Ditto. I now have a Proflex wheel and a Wodent Wheel, and I think the Proflex is getting lots more attention these days. I have mine sitting on the bottom of the cage and anchored to the side so it doesn't move around.


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