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#243718 - 03/25/07 09:22 PM Bald spot on arm


I was just feeding Pan some mealies in his pouch, and I noticed he had a bald spot on his forearm. I've heard this can be from stress or over-grooming. He was the youngest of a trio of 3 neutered gliders. He is one year, and this two cagemates were about a year older. The girl I got him from was getting rid of all three, and she said he wasn't as bonded to the other two (she insisted they be sold together but not Pan). She figured since I would eventually be putting him with my Piper, he would be fine.

I've only had him for a little over 2 weeks so I haven't been able to handle him yet since he isn't bonded to me. I've been trying to keep an eye on him, especially at the beginning because I was worried about him being depressed from being torn away from his buddies, but it's a little difficult when they won't let you near them worried . I took him to the vet a week after I got him, and the vet said he looked perfectly healthy (I was a little paranoid that she didn't do the full check she should have). What should I do?

I'm doing tent time with him tonight so I'll take pics then.

#243756 - 03/25/07 09:57 PM Re: Bald spot on arm [Re: ]

Anyone have an idea what I should do?

#243841 - 03/26/07 12:31 AM Re: Bald spot on arm [Re: ]

Hey, I was bored and looking at the forums and saw this...Has he been barking a lot? When he was lonely it seemed like he would always bark a lot. The other two gliders were actually about 6 years older then him, and had been together since birth...he had just been put in with them over the past year. If I'm not mistaken you said you were going to switch him to the BML diet right? It is possible that the change in what he is eating is causing this, though I wouldn't see bml being a problem. I always left monkey biskits soaked in apple juice in his cage during the day, and then fed him the diet I sent to you at night. A lot of times if it is diet related, their fur color will change a little too. I hope the little guy is okay!

#243850 - 03/26/07 12:44 AM Re: Bald spot on arm [Re: ]
Happy Birthday Xfilefan Offline
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Bald spots anywhere but the tip of the tail or top of the head normally are NOT stress related. I would suspect an infection, and this could lead to SM (or him trying to chew at it). My recommendation would be to have your vet shotgun with a 14 day course of a broad spectrum antibiotic like Baytril ASAP. Unfortunately, urine and fecals won't show an infection in an extremity. Depending on diet, I might also go for an Xray to see if there's a cracked or broken bone, as HLP (calcium deficiency) can do this also. Keep us updated. worried
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#243912 - 03/26/07 06:33 AM Re: Bald spot on arm [Re: Xfilefan]
sugarglidersuz Offline
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I agree with Jen (Xfilefan) and the course of treatment that she recommends. Also, I want to mention that BML is NOT the cause of this bald spot either. It is an excellent, nutritionally balanced diet that many people use to repair diet-related damages to gliders. Also, since the glider has only been on BML for 3 weeks, even if it WERE diet-related, it wouldn't be from the BML, it would be from the previous diet. I don't know what the previous diet was, so I am just talking in generalized terms here - no criticism intended in any way. In addition, diet-related patchiness generally doesn't show up as bald spots unless it has gotten extreme. It will show up as patchy-looking fur that looks like it hasn't been groomed properly. So I doubt that a single bald spot on his arm is diet-related at all.

Edited to add: Depending on the previous diet, I would also agree with Jen that an xray should be taken to determine if there is any HLP involved at this point.

Edited by sugarglidersuz (03/26/07 06:36 AM)
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#244001 - 03/26/07 09:24 AM Re: Bald spot on arm [Re: sugarglidersuz]

The previous diet was BML without the honey in it. I am not saying anything bad against the BML I just didn't like feeding gliders honey. I had rescued 2 gliders in the past who had been on BML and they had bald spots....I don't know if it was not properly made or what but after taking care of them for about a month the bald spots went away. BML is a very nutritionally balanced diet, and I know it works great for everyone who uses it...I was just saying maybe the sudden switch caused a problem. It is very possible it is an infection as well, get him checked out. Also I gave him extra vitamins that had calcium in them as well.....I would say the calcium deficiency is unlikely, but it's always best to check everything.

#244207 - 03/26/07 03:10 PM Re: Bald spot on arm [Re: ]
Unregistered last night, I didn't see the bald spot anymore and today I was bribing him with some mealies, and didn't see it either! confused Is it possible that his fur was just laying bedhead or something?

#244213 - 03/26/07 03:23 PM Re: Bald spot on arm [Re: ]

I would say it is definately possible. I would check around in that spot really well to make sure that there isn't any missing fur just to make sure


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