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#244626 - 03/26/07 09:35 PM weight reduction diet
Msdoolittle Offline
Glider Lover

Registered: 10/15/06
Posts: 582
Loc: Lake Worth, FL
I have used the Suncoast diet for our two gliders since we got them from Suncoast last July and have been very happy with it.
However, we took in a glider on Sat., took her to the vet today and she weighed an estimated 250 grams. We didn't get a weight because she would not come out of her coconut. As she was never on a regular diet, I would like to make sure she is on the best diet for her situation. Are some diets better than others for weight reduction?

Thanks for your advice! Janet
Mom to 2 daughters (Laura & Kayla)
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#244691 - 03/26/07 10:41 PM Re: weight reduction diet [Re: Msdoolittle]
BeckiT Offline
Glideritis Anonymous

Registered: 09/29/06
Posts: 16083
Loc: Manitowoc, WI
My Lilo is a fluffy girl, at her heaviest late Jan/early Feb she was 196 grams. She had always been on BML until they started getting really picky and hardly eating. I switched to Priscilla's in early-mid Feb. and she's lost a little over 20 grams so far smile
~Becki & Crew~
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#244786 - 03/27/07 12:16 AM Re: weight reduction diet [Re: BeckiT]
North_Nocturne Offline
Glider Lover

Registered: 04/19/06
Posts: 606
Loc: Cincinnati, Ohio
My gliders needed to lose a little weight and since we switched to Priscilla's diet North has lost more than 15 grams and Nocturne has lost over 5 grams. They get a lot of food on P's diet plan so I don't have to worry about depriving them.
gliders. Nocturne & Lark

#244812 - 03/27/07 12:47 AM Re: weight reduction diet [Re: North_Nocturne]
KattyM Offline
Serious Glideritis

Registered: 12/24/02
Posts: 9910
Loc: Phoenix, AZ
My Hiroshi was 190 grams and the vet recommended he be at 160 grams. I have all of mine on BML. I had to cut back on the mealies, mainly. He would get one small one, chopped into bits. He would see me feeding the others their mealies, and I couldn't let him feel unloved. heart That's probably part of what took longer than the vet's schedule for him to get to his target weight.

I also hand fed Tomoki and Keiko and Hiroshi during the day so that I could control portions. He always got smaller and fewer pieces of the fruits and veggies, and less BML to lick off my fingers. When I put the remaining food out at night, I at least knew my other two got healthy portions earlier in the day.

No matter what diet you choose, you really need to cut out the fattening foods (like mealies), and cut out the treats (like yogurt drops).

Good luck!
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#244835 - 03/27/07 01:19 AM Re: weight reduction diet [Re: KattyM]
Kitkatt1216 Offline
Glider Slave

Registered: 10/28/06
Posts: 1763
Loc: Connecticut
and stay away from high fat veggies! Things like avacado are bad choices.
Owned by Murphy and Peanut

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#244854 - 03/27/07 02:55 AM Re: weight reduction diet [Re: Kitkatt1216]

So Priscilla's helps suggies lose weight and Darcy's helps them gain weight?

#245617 - 03/27/07 09:31 PM Re: weight reduction diet [Re: ]
Msdoolittle Offline
Glider Lover

Registered: 10/15/06
Posts: 582
Loc: Lake Worth, FL
I decided to go ahead and order the stuff for Priscilla's diet. Our new glider just doesn't like the Suncoast pellets.We got a weight on her today of 286 grams frown. Has anyone else had a glider this fluffy?
Mom to 2 daughters (Laura & Kayla)
4 suggies (Scooter & Snickers, Coral,& Portia)
3 birds (Prince,Lucy,Sidney)
1 dog (Sammy)


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