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#2450 - 08/13/01 04:32 PM Bathroom Warning

This story pertains to a ferret...however I had thought of playing with my gliders in the same bathroom.<P>We moved into a new house less than two months ago. We had put very litle into our guest bathroom so I thought it was really safe in there.<P>I checked everything I checked the wall and the doors and everything looked safe to me.<P>I brought in my four ferrets to give them a bath. As I would finish with one I would put them on the floor in a pile of towels.<P>After finishing them all I left the room for a second to go get a clean litter pan.<P>I was onyl gone for a miniute and I was only in the next room over.<P>When I came back I noticed one of my ferrets was missing. I searched the bathroom over and could not find her anywhere. I couldn't figure out what had happened. I assumed she must have gotten out somewhow when I left the room. I started searching the other nearby rooms. After a few minutes my husband Scott called out that he found her. I went back in the bathroom and she was in the cabinets. I do not mena she opened the door and got in. I mean she somewhow found a tiny hole on the underside of the cabinets and was inside the actual frame.<P>We could hear her in there and could find no way to get her out.<P>I had searched the bathroom to make sure it was safe but I couldn't even hardly get my hand under the cabinets much less up in them to discover this hole.<P>She is a small ferret and my other ferrets were too big to get in, but any glider could have easily gotten in there.<P>We had no choice but to wait for her to coem out on her own. Finally she did come out and she was covered in dirt and dust.<P>Bathrooms can have all kinds of tiny holes hidden in them. This just goes to show that no matter how hard you look, you need to look even harder.<P>Make sure your bathroom is safe and hole free before ever letting your gliders out to play.

#2451 - 08/13/01 07:24 PM Re: Bathroom Warning [Re: ]

That happened to me and my gliders. We had looked all over the bathroom and didn't see any holes so we let them out to play and one glider disappeared and she had gotten up in a "crack" under the cabinet. I have brought a tent and now I play with them safely.

#2452 - 08/15/01 01:48 PM Re: Bathroom Warning [Re: ]

This happened to me too! Only I saw her go in and instantly freaked. She was very new to our home and I didn't think she would come to me. Worse, I didn't know where she could get into from inside the wall, or what kind of bugs could be in there. She came out after about 30 seconds though and was never allowed to play in the bathroom again!<P>Jennifer & Chris<BR>Fizzgig [][/]

#2453 - 08/16/01 05:37 PM Re: Bathroom Warning [Re: ]

wow, that must have been very scary for you. I am so glad that everything turned out okay. [][/]

#2454 - 08/20/01 01:21 AM Re: Bathroom Warning [Re: ]

I HATE bathrooms, I have never really liked having my gliders in a bathroom, its not a real room its all porslin. my uncle lost a glider to a tolit, and so have many other people, and many more will. people think small = good. sometimes something that seems to be less truble could end up being the worst.

#2455 - 08/20/01 04:21 AM Re: Bathroom Warning [Re: ]

I thought for sure this topic was aimed at toilets, but sure enough i didnt see that mentioned. I figure i'll make a note of it now just for people's reference/sake.<P>This applies to flying squirrels, but could easily apply to gliders/other small similar creatures. My father chased down a wild flying squirrel when he was a kid. It was a pregnant female, and they raised it and her babies. 1 of the 4 babies was drifting around (they had a big run of the house) and landed in a bathroom toilet with no way to get out. he was found an estimated 20 minutes after having drowned himself.<P>just a warning!


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