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#2488 - 09/26/01 06:06 AM omg!!!!!!! my poor little glider!!!

well last night lilglider got out of his room, while i went to the bathroom!! I looked all over for him, finally in the kitchen i found him. Under the stove, he flew. I moved the stove forward to see him chewing on the blue chunk of something. I called my boyfriend over and he said that it looks like rat poison!! I screamed at him , whattttttt??? How can that be? Ive never put it there. I also live in a apt. As I felt tears run down my face, i knew there was nothing i could do!! My boyfriend gave him a little bit of milk , hopefully he would poop it out real fast. I decided to feed him, to try to dulute the posion. So i gave him the only thing i new he would eat right up, babyfood!! He was still acting normal. My boyfriend then said we have to go to walgreens, im like for what, im not leaving him to go to walgreens!!! He said we have to get ipecac syrup. What the heck is that?? Its makes you throw up. So we went to get the syrup, gave it to him. And he did throw up twice, all i saw was the babyfood, no blue chunks. This all happend 10 hours ago, and hes running and playing right know. I hope to God that he is going to live, i dont know what i could do with out my little buddy!!

#2489 - 09/26/01 11:52 PM Re: omg!!!!!!! my poor little glider!!! [Re: ]

Please take him to a vet immediately. Not only could he have gotten into the rat poison, but using human meds can be very hard on gliders. Ipecac makes for violent vomiting in humans. It scares me to think of that in a glider. Please get your glider checked out and let us know what happens.

#2490 - 09/26/01 09:27 PM Re: omg!!!!!!! my poor little glider!!! [Re: Anonymous]

I just lost both my gliders to what I suspect was strychnine, which is what is in most rat poisons. From what I've been reading, you can't induce vomiting to get rid of it. Take your baby to the vet NOW and tell him what happened.<p>[This message has been edited by sarahadrianne (edited 09-27-2001).]

#2491 - 09/30/01 11:01 PM Re: omg!!!!!!! my poor little glider!!! [Re: ]

Lilglider, is there any word?

#2492 - 10/01/01 12:28 AM Re: omg!!!!!!! my poor little glider!!! [Re: Anonymous]
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Lucy,<P> The last time I spoke with her, which was that night, he was doing fine. I hope that nothing is wrong as one of our baby girls will be going to live with him soon. [][/] She is an awesome glider owner and she was just horrified by this. It is a good reminder to those that rent or have just purchased a home. Make sure to check the house over good as it is hard to tell what the old owners, renters could have left behind. <P>------------------<BR>Ken and Danielle<BR>Sugar & Ozzie with two girls,<BR>Clyde& Laverne with two girls,Kitter & Shirley, Oscar & Angel, Harry ,Sally & 2 joeys in pouch. Noah & Lilith with a boy & a girl. <BR> <A HREF="" TARGET=_blank></A>
owned by 4 dogs and 2 gliders really soon
Formerly known as K & D Exotics

#2493 - 10/05/01 06:51 AM Re: omg!!!!!!! my poor little glider!!! [Re: ]

Glider is doing great!! Im so happy that he lived threw this!! Sissy he cant wait (either can I ) to meet his new friend. I even drew and colored a picture, of them 2 [][/] Im not a good drawer either lol The vet date is coming up soon, to get him neutered. I feel bad, hope hes not to mad at me. But after meeting the lil girl, he will forget all about it! Less then a month away wooooooohhhhhhooooooooooooo [][/]

#2494 - 10/05/01 06:12 PM Re: omg!!!!!!! my poor little glider!!! [Re: ]

Thank goodness yor baby is okay.You mad me think i am pulling out my stove and fridge now just in case they exit the living room where we play with them,like you proved theres always that scary chance.<BR>THANK YOU. [][/]<BR>Larissa and CREW [][/] [][/]


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