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#2495 - 09/27/01 12:45 PM caught in between the cage and carpet

I lost my Katy yesterday. I let her, Red, and her daughter Kacy out to play in the morning at 6am. I couldnt find her after a while, so I searched and searched and searched for about four hours. I didnt go to class and searched. When I moved the smaller cage with two new gliders in, I found her laying flat on the bottom of the cage. She was really curious about the new giliders and trying to find her way into their cage. How I could miss her doing such thing. How stupid I was not to be watching her all the time. I moved the new girls' cage the night before to the corner while I was cleaning and left it there. Why I didnt move the cage back into the other room. Katy pushed her back legs onto the wall and went under the cage, and got stuck. It is all my fault to be careless what she was doing during the morning. And I blamed myself to have adopted those girls. Katy was my first baby I adopted from a lousy pet shop two years ago, and she was the one I adore the most. The night before, I wish she would be less curious about the new girls so that all of the five gliders can get along. And now she is gone totally. Ironically, four left gliders got together and started their bond immidiately after Katy is gone. I dont know what to think now. I didnt want to post this on the board to make everyone else sad and to make everyone else think how terrible I was to Katy, but I couldnt help but writing somehow. I was very stupid. I could have prevented this happening but I let this happen. I never ever expected any gliders' death like this but it happened. It happened and I cant get Katy's life back any more. I could have done things differently, but I let this happen. Her legs and hands were grabbing the carpet so hard I couldnt get them off. I killed little Katy. Please evryone dont be stupid like I am...Before I was a proud gliders owner but now I am having doubts whether I should own gliders or not. I am sorry for Katy that she happened to be my glider, she would have lead a better life with someone else.<P>

#2496 - 09/27/01 02:06 PM Re: caught in between the cage and carpet [Re: ]

I'm so very sorry for your loss. Katy sounds as if she is loved very dearly. Unfortunately, sometimes things happen as sad as they are. I think you are being very hard on yourself. I know you are upset over your loss, but from reading your post, I can tell you loved Katy very much and wouldn't ever hurt her intentionally. This was just an unfortunate accident. One in which we all may learn from. Again, I'm so sorry for your loss, but please don't blame yourself this way! Katy will be in my prayers.<BR>Kathy and Cerese

#2497 - 09/30/01 10:58 PM Re: caught in between the cage and carpet [Re: ]

I am so sorry. But I don't know how you could have foreseen this happening. I hope that as time goes by you'll be able to recognize that accidents happen and that good glider owners just learn. Sometimes from other people (we'll learn from you here) and sometimes by our own stupidity. Most often that stupidity doesn't end in death, but sometimes it does, and you learn. It's so hard, I know. (See How Could I Have Been So Stupid?). Stay on the boards and keep sharing your experiences. And when the time's right, get a mate for Red. It's my belief that the best tribute you can give the departed is to try again. <P>------------------<BR>Lucy


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