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#2503 - 10/01/01 10:37 AM I never knew I would love a glider like this..

I never knew how sweet a glider could be. We got our 1st glider (honey) in early July. She is a tad crabby but still very sweet. She will take treats from my hands and will come up to me. <P>Just after we got her, she got a bad eye infection and we had to give her the eye drops. Well she still has not forgiven us as she still will not let us touch her. I guess time will heal our wounds.<P>In Sept. we went to the animal show in Raleigh and got Ziggy. He was such a wonderful little guy. He would let you hold him and play with him and never crabbed or bit. From the first day he was a part of me.<BR>He would fall asleep in my hands and get mad if I tried to put him in his cage. All he wanted to do was be next to me and my wife. It was an instant bond. <P>Of course, as life teaches us, all good things must come to an end. The following Saturday, he started to get weak. My wife went and got some formula to try to feed him, but he would just take a little bit of it. We continued this and keeping him on a heating pad the rest of the day and following night hoping he would start eating. By the next morning, he would not eat anything. We took him to the emergency vet where they gave him some fluids and told us to keep him warm until we could take him the our normal vet in the morning. I called off work so that I could take him in the next morning, but it was too late.<P>I wish I had noticed sooner that he was not acting right, I wish I had known enouf about them to know that a baby just 6 weeks OOP should be running and jumping all over the place. I just thought he was really sweet. I have thought of about a million things I wish I had done differently, but I cant change any of that now. All I know is that I did give him as much love as I could while he was with us.<P>Since then we have talked to other people and vets in the area and have discovered that he was weened too early and didnt know how to eat properly. I have talded to others that had the same thing happen to the joeys they bought.<P>I just hope he knows that we never ment for this to happen and that we love him very much. I would do anything to have my little Ziggy back in my hands. I am just glad that if he was going to go, that we could give him as good of a life as possible and as much love as we could. Not for him to have gone at some breaders where he came from and is thought of as money rather than as a wonderful little creature who was full of love.<P>However my wife found someone in the area who needed a home for one of their males a few weeks later. I told her she could go and look at him, but I didnt want to. I just didnt know if I could handle something lke that happening again. <P>When she came back, she had a big grin on her face and I knew he came home with her. All I will say is that there can never be another Ziggy, but Bebo sure does help ease the pain. He is a wonderful male about 3-4 months OOP. He has only bit a few times and was more of a nibble than a bite. He started jumping back and forth between us the first day. <P>We still have not put Bebo and Honey in the same cage, since she bit his foot as he went past her on the other side of the cage. But he got her back a few days latter by climbing on her cage directly above her and proceeding to give her a shower from the top of the cage. Iwould say they are even! 8-) <P>Well, I am sorry this was so long, but after reading all of your stories, I was compelled to share mine. If parts of this do not make sense, I am sorry but it was a bit emotional for me to write it. <P>Take care and god bless all of the [][/] out there.

#2504 - 10/01/01 10:59 PM Re: I never knew I would love a glider like this.. [Re: ]

I'm so sorry on the loss of Ziggy. (That's my cat's name, too...) I'm 99% certain I know the breeder you got him from, because that is where I got my first glider, Kiki, last year. They are all way too young to be separated from the parents, and this man uses these precious animals as breeding machines. You had no way of knowing the circumstances this little fella came from before hand. And as you said, at least he got to die peacefully with people who loved him.<P>I'm near Chapel Hill and there is a wonderful vet out here that I just found. Feel free to e-mail me and I can give you more info.<P>Again, I'm truly sorry. I lost a baby of my own and know the pain you feel.<P><P>------------------<BR>Robin and crew<BR>Kiki, Bella and Toby

#2505 - 10/03/01 11:00 PM Re: I never knew I would love a glider like this.. [Re: ]
Ellen Offline
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I am so sad for you. Such a little baby. The person that sold him to you should be shot... It is a bitter sweet story. I am glad you have your new baby. A very warm and touching story.<BR>Good luck to all of you.<BR>Ellen<P>------------------<BR>Love and kindness is a gift. Use it freely
Love and kindness is a gift. Use it freely....
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#2506 - 10/04/01 12:07 AM Re: I never knew I would love a glider like this.. [Re: ]

Awww how sad! Im pretty sure I know the breeder/broker you are talking about too. If it is who I was thinking (He traveled from NC and did a show here in FL in March) and I was *lucky* enough to meet him in person. Yuck. That is ..IF it is the of gliders. He has a reputation for selling young gliders, and having them die sortly after their person gets them. Prays on the more ignorant as to a gliders needs.

#2507 - 10/04/01 06:20 AM Re: I never knew I would love a glider like this.. [Re: ]

Sadly it is the "breeder" (in my opinion haha) you all are thinking of...I went there with another board member in Sept and sadly those joeys couldnt have even been 4 weeks. I had two just 8 week joeys in a pouch around my neck and they werent even half the size...but a person not knowing sizing of joeys would never know that and thats how he gets away with it.<BR>Sorry to hear about your loss but at least as they have said above..he was out of the hands of his previous uncaring situation...and knew he was loved.<BR>Good luck with your new little one [][/]<P>Christine

#2508 - 10/04/01 07:18 AM Re: I never knew I would love a glider like this.. [Re: ]

What a sad story, I'm so sorry for you loss. At least Ziggy felt the love and comfort of your home while with you.<BR>Good luck with your other little ones.<BR>Kathy and Cerese

#2509 - 10/11/01 03:32 PM Re: I never knew I would love a glider like this.. [Re: ]

Are we all talking about the guy who travels around the southeast portion of the states? Would this be the same guy who does the "Home Shows"? <BR> <P>------------------<BR>mtr, Kris,<BR>Java, Clotho, <BR>Nemo, Lachesis,<BR>Sacha, Anya,<BR>& Rancid Crabtree in Spirit.

#2510 - 10/11/01 11:25 PM Re: I never knew I would love a glider like this.. [Re: ]
Critter Creations Offline
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I am so sorry that you had to go through this. Just know that he was in a wonderful family when he did pass. <BR>Being a breeder I am just amazed and angered that another breeder can behave in such a fashion. It is just so simple to leave them with their parents to raise them, but of course then you don't have as many babies a year. Like we need to have a ton more gliders to die. breeders like this should have their license removed and all the gliders taken from them. I would love to get a law passed that forbids breeders to hand pull. I am so sorry that your poor ziggy was given such a rough start as this. [][/] Please know that he at least knew what love was when he was with you. <P>------------------<BR>Ken and Danielle<BR>Sugar & Ozzie with two girls,<BR>Clyde& Laverne with two girls,Kitter & Shirley, Oscar & Angel, Harry ,Sally & 2 joeys in pouch. Lilith with a boy & a girl. <BR> <A HREF="" TARGET=_blank></A>
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