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#2521 - 10/18/01 06:00 PM Please help me understand!!! (sorry! long post!)

Almost 2 weeks ago, I came into my sugies room to play with them and give them their treats. I gave Willie, the 8 month oop male, his treats first. I had taken him out of his parents' cage two days before and was trying to get him to bond with me. His father was establishing his dominance over Willie since Willie was getting his bald spot and scenting. Willie's parents, Hank and Patsy, had two joeys, Toby (a male) and Reba (a female). They were my babies. Hank and Reba had two litters. Willie was the first and Reba and Toby were the second. They were 8 weeks oop, almost 9 weeks. I played with Willie and after about 30 minutes or so. I noticed that Reba and Toby weren't coming out of the pouch like they usually do when they hear me in the room playing with Willie or Chubbs. I went and opened their cage door and reached in and unbuttoned their pouch. What was in the pouch made my stomach turn. Both of my little babies were dead. Reba and Toby both. The other pouch in the cage moved and I laid down the babies pouch. I unbuttoned the remaining pouch and looked in it. Hank and Patsy looked like they were like normal, cuddled up. But I noticed that there was blood on Patsy's back and head. I gently pulled her out of the pouch. She was so badly wounded that I didn't think that she was still living. But she little sides were moving. I looked at Hank and he was practically scratchless. Except for the one small cut on his cheek. I guess that it is where Patsy bit him. I rushed her to the vet and he said that he was going to have to put a couple of stitches in her shoulder and neck. And worst of Patsy's wounds is that she lost an eye. She would never have her natural depth perception. The vet asked if I was going to put her down or did I want to try to save her. I said the obvious. Save her. He did what he had to do. She came home. The vet said that he couldn't safely say that she would make it but she had a chance. Hank was checked out and the vet gave me some salve to put on it. He would be fine. I went home and put Patsy in a new cage and cleaned up the old cage. I scrubbed it spotless. There was blood spots on the bars and floor. I cried as I cleaned that cage. I washed the pouch that Patsy was in. I carried the babies out into the backyard and under our pecan tree, buried Toby and Reba. They are buried in the pouch they chose for themselves. Sometimes they coaxed their mother into it and she slept there. Other times one of them would sleep with their parents. It reminded me of my children climbing into bed with me when they were scared. I cried for Patsy and for the babies. But mostly, I cried for me. I lost the first and only babies I had ever seen come out of the pouch. They actually came out of the pouch and I saw them. The whole family came to me as a rescue. I loved them very much. They were sweet as could be. My female Asia, has a joey in her pouch and I am happy, but I never had seen a bigger joey be carried around in a pouch. My heart breaks at what happened. All I can think is that Hank attacked Toby and Reba and Patsy was trying to protect them. She was attacked. For awhile, I blamed Hank and then someone really wonderful told me that he was acting on instinct, not emotion. He was going to mourn too. Probably just as much as I was. I wanted to put him down. But, she said that he was still a baby to me and that he was hurting too. I understand that now. I am not angry anymore. He is the same sweet baby to me he was before. <BR>Patsy grieved and mourned. And she was in pain because of her eye. After about 4 or 5 days, Patsy was gone, too. I had lost my sweet babies. She died in my hand and her last breath came when I kissed her nose. I was trying to get to the vet when she said goodbye. I am crying to hard to contimue. I just need to know why? Hank is mourning so badly. I am scared that I will lose him too. What am I going to do? Please help me understand. Why?<P>------------------<BR>If you couldn't speak human, then how would you ask for help?

#2522 - 10/18/01 06:33 PM Re: Please help me understand!!! (sorry! long post!) [Re: ]

oh my god this is so sad, that i can't type no more ,you story made me cry.gosh iam sorry what happend to you and your gliders , and all my prayers to your lovely gliders that right now are on Heaven,gliding in the clouds.

#2523 - 10/18/01 06:37 PM Re: Please help me understand!!! (sorry! long post!) [Re: ]

Oh Man, that is AWFUL. You poor thing. I don't even know you or them, and I am almost crying. I have no idea why that would happen, but I am very sorry. I do know though that animals do not think as people do. They are not mean, nor are they hateful, they just ARE. They do not hold grudges or anger the way that humans do. You just have to forgive him and love him for what he is...your little guy that needs you still. Good luck, and I am truly sorry.

#2524 - 10/18/01 06:40 PM Re: Please help me understand!!! (sorry! long post!) [Re: ]

I am so very sorry. I wish I had some words of comfort but hope you know that we all share your sense of loss - and shock - over what happened. <P>MODERATORS - can you move this thread out of classifed and into a more appropriate area?

#2525 - 10/18/01 07:43 PM Re: Please help me understand!!! (sorry! long post!) [Re: ]

Oh, my. I am so terribly,so terribly sorry. I cant help but cry. I will pray for Hank and you. I hope everything is going alright. Just take care of your Hank all you can and do everything that will help him feel better. Tell him that you are there for him no matter what and you will always be. I know you love your him so much. <P> <BR>

#2526 - 10/18/01 09:10 PM Re: Please help me understand!!! (sorry! long post!) [Re: ]

I aqm very sorry about your will be in my prayers.<P><BR>I am moving this to "Real Stories" since I think that it fits in that forum better.<P>Again, I am sorry.<P>Mare

#2527 - 10/19/01 06:12 PM Re: Please help me understand!!! (sorry! long post!) [Re: ]

im soooo very sorry. my heart and prayers go out to u. that is a very sad story and it brought me to tears. im so sorry it turned out the way it did.<P>~Shea and the [][/] gang

#2528 - 10/19/01 10:29 PM Re: Please help me understand!!! (sorry! long post!) [Re: ]

I am soo sorry that things turned out that way for you, and I hope and pray that you and Hank will recover from this as well as can be expected.<P>You are in our prayers. [][/]

#2529 - 10/19/01 10:35 PM Re: Please help me understand!!! (sorry! long post!) [Re: ]

How's the little guy doing, anyways? Is he any better? I hope everything is alright. Keep us updated. Your still in my prayers. BTW, I live in Texas too.

#2530 - 10/20/01 02:49 AM Re: Please help me understand!!! (sorry! long post!) [Re: ]
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This has to be one of the saddest stories that I have ever read. I am so sorry that you had to go through this horrible ordeal. I also wish I had some answers for you, but I don't. As was said before animals are not humans and somtimes things happen that we just do not understand. Just love on your little guy as I am sure he is suffering and he needs you. You are both in our prayers. <P>------------------<BR>Ken and Danielle<BR>Sugar & Ozzie ,<BR>Clyde& Laverne,Kitter, Shirley & Squiggy, Oscar & Angel, Harry & Sally , Lilith & Nutmeg, & two rescue babies.<A HREF="" TARGET=_blank></A>
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#2531 - 10/24/01 06:54 AM Re: Please help me understand!!! (sorry! long post!) [Re: ]

I am so sad for you.<BR>Your story made tears pour out of my eyes and made me run for my gliders.I needed to hold them and love on them.<BR>I believe that what happened was just plain instinct.Two males in one cage is a bad combination. Hank is the dominant male and time had come for him to establish his territory with the others. The instinct is what drove him to do what he did,Now he is alone.Just love and cuddle him,stay close to him so that he stays alive.Lonliness is a killer too. [][/] <p>[This message has been edited by Conner (edited 10-24-2001).]


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