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#2556 - 11/13/01 05:06 PM Shnerfshnerf

Shnerf passed away Sunday night. The necropsy showed that he died of a lung lobe torsion. Sorry, unsure of that spelling. In other words the lung got twisted , then collapsed, which compromised his breathing.<BR>He had gotten into a spat with Maria Saturday night over a treat and apparently injured himself in the process. Perhaps by twisting around too quickly or by falling though I never witnessed a fall. The excersion of going from his pouch to my pocket Sunday night caused him to be unable to breathe. He died in my hand ten minutes later.<BR>The vet said that the condition was very rare and that there is nothing to do to prevent it or treat it once it happens. <BR>As it is such a rare condition there is no reason for anyone to worry about it happening to their glider. It was just one of those things.<BR>Marvin

#2557 - 11/13/01 05:42 PM Re: Shnerfshnerf [Re: ]

Marvin,<P>Boo [][/]<P>He was such a cutie. So sorry to hear that he crossed the Rainbow Bridge so soon.<P>Connie & Gilles<BR>Minnie & Wally [][/]<P>------------------<BR>Glider Love Forever

#2558 - 11/13/01 06:34 PM Re: Shnerfshnerf [Re: ]

Marvin, you and Tessa just don't catch a break. I am SO sorry about Schnerf. I heard cute stories about Schnerf. You two -- and your glider brood -- are in my prayers.

#2559 - 11/13/01 08:23 PM Re: Shnerfshnerf [Re: Anonymous]
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I dont know what to say... [][/]<BR>Im so sorry.<BR>With all you guys are going through, it makes me so sad. It seems most the time "when it rains it pours", Im so sorry you guys. Your in my thoughts and prayers. Please try to take comfort in the fact that Shnerf KNEW he was loved and what an honor to be Shnerfs family in his time on this earth. He had a very good family/life, now thats something! [][/] <P>He left you with his love and memories, the most valuable precious things in the world...<P>Blessings to you both and know that alot of people care about you and are keeping you in their thoughts and prayers. [][/]
(Glider Anatomy, Info, & a wee bit of fun.)

#2560 - 11/13/01 08:54 PM Re: Shnerfshnerf [Re: ]

I am so sorry you lost your glider. Hope things get better for you two soon. Nobody deserves all the hardships you are experiencing.

#2562 - 11/13/01 10:54 PM Re: Shnerfshnerf [Re: ]

Just know you are in my thought and prayers... Im really sorry about your baby...<P>------------------<BR>Mommy to<BR>Holly*9 months oop<BR>Moe*8 months oop<BR>Atlanta*yr old peke who thinks shes a glider. smile

#2563 - 11/14/01 01:13 AM Re: Shnerfshnerf [Re: ]

Marvin... Tessa... I'm so sorry. [][/]<P>They say God will never hand us more than we can handle... but boy he sure does test us sometimes! <P>I hope this is all for the two of you. You guys have gone through so much already. May the following days be brighter.<P>I'll be thinking of you, Tessa and your furried kids.<P>Deb<BR>and my Shuga Babies


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