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#256618 - 04/09/07 01:40 AM Setbacks?

I'm asking this question because at first it seemed like my glider was making progress bonding with me but now I don't know. I've only had her two weeks, so I know I have a ways to go.

Is there anything I can do (short of inflicting bodily harm on her, obviously) that could sabotage the bonding process? I really want to avoid anything that could cause setbacks.

#256672 - 04/09/07 08:15 AM Re: Setbacks? [Re: ]
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At this point in the bonding process you are going to have steps backwards every now and again. It's normal & nothing to be worried about. The main thing is to proceed at your gliders pace. Don't rush them & expect them to respond in a way that they are not ready for. Also you may want to avoid grabbing them which may scare them. Other than that, so long as you are spending time every day with your furkids, you should be fine.
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#257030 - 04/09/07 04:00 PM Re: Setbacks? [Re: glidrz5]
melek007 Offline
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You're still bonding with her right now, so there will be times that you'll get along okay one day and then she might play you shy the next. Just keep working on earning her trust, it'll happen.
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#257038 - 04/09/07 04:04 PM Re: Setbacks? [Re: glidrz5]
KarenE Offline

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Chris has given you soe wonderful advice, especially about taking the bonding process at your little girl's pace.

I know that we get so anxious to love on them and cover them in kisses because they are just so cute but if we can manage to be patient with them, the rewards will be unbelievable.

We used to post a comparison and I'm not sure why we stopped, but we are approximately 600 times larger than a glider, so just imagine how we would feel in her place if that big ole hand came in our bedroom window trying to pick us up out of bed ooo Would be like King Kong and you can bet I'd be doing alot more than crabbing and biting wink

She'll do fine as long as you are patient with her and it sounds like you are doing just fine.
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