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#26581 - 09/24/04 10:18 AM Is She Pregnant?

Well I am wondering if my baby is pregnant. I saw Syd and Oscar mating and the 16 day mark for it to move to the pouch was Sept 1. Unfortunately that day I had surgery in the morn and I was out of it all day so I could not watch her to see if anything was happening. But now I noticed 2 days ago a huge lump in the right side of her pouch. It just all of a sudden seemed to appear there, and has not gone down. She also is licking her pouch a lot more and spending lots of time grooming inside the pouch particularly on that right side w/ the lump. She does not really like me to touch it and I dont try too hard as to not stress her or hurt the baby that might be in there. I keep reading about being able to feel a lump, but I dont. It looks really large and roudn on that right side like if someone stuffed a cottonball in there, but it is still soft to touch. Like I said I havent tried hard to touch that spot but is it supposed to feel like a hard lump or what? I have a pic of it but my laptop is broken so I will post it this weekend when I can go home. Thank you for the help I will really appreciate it.

#26582 - 09/24/04 10:40 AM Re: Is She Pregnant? [Re: ]

[:"magenta"]i think it is safe to say that she is preggo. congrats! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/multi.gif" alt="" /> are you gonna keep the baby? <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/nixweiss.gif" alt="" /> [/]

#26583 - 09/24/04 10:28 PM Re: Is She Pregnant? [Re: ]
hipbchik Offline
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sounds like shes preggo to me!!

"Your mind is the birthplace of ingenuity and then you need your heart as the Mediator..." ~Lil C

#26584 - 09/24/04 10:34 PM Re: Is She Pregnant? [Re: ]

Thanks charlesex you always help me out on my posts. I plan on keeping the baby I Just hope they can all get along and it lives and all the details go right. I am posting a pic of the momma. She is sideways in this pic in her cage and so if you look at the part of her pouch that is from her perspective it is the right of her pouch, you can see a circle looking think in it. I know the bars are in the way, but I did not want to hold her and try to take pics w/ a flash in her eyes. Thanks for the help.

282093-APregnantSydney.jpg (69 downloads)


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