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#2725 - 12/02/01 06:26 PM Bad news...turned good (sorry, long)

Bad news everyone.....(as most of you know) <B>GLIDERS LOVE CLIMBING TREES!!!</B> Even if it means jumping from your most trusted buddy, and the 2nd most safe place you know (after your cage), and having to run across the ground.<BR>Rowdy decided to go for a climb last saturday. I have taken him outside many times before, and he has NEVER even made a move towards anyplace else other than me.<BR>I went to get someting out of my pick-up, and on the return trip back to the house, he decided to go climbing. He lept off my shoulder, hit the ground about 5' from the base of the tree, and was past my reach before I could get to him. After several minutes of trying to coax him down, he decided that the pine trees about 20' away looked like a better hiding place. He lept from the top of the tree he was in (about 15' heigh) and hit the pine tree about 10' off the ground. I guess he misjudged the thickness of the branch, 'cause he hit the branch, then tumbled all the way to the ground. I could tell he wasn't hurt, because he got right up, then ran like a BOH for the pine tree. (There is a row of about 8 pines, about 20-25' heigh, along the side of our yard) He went from pine to pine hiding all the way. I lost sight of him for about 5 minutes, but never quit looking and listening for him in the pines. Next is the part that I know most of you will hate me for, but at the moment I thought it was for the best. I had my daughter go get my paintball gun, because it makes a rather loud sound, and makes the tree limbs shake when a paintball hits it. I finally saw where he was hiding, and turned him around by shooting the branches in front of him. I managed to "shoot" him down close enough to the ground that I could grab him. Unfortunately for him, he was covered in paintball "paint." (Paintball "paint" is non-toxic, but doesn't taste too good.) So, during the next 1/2 hour he and I went round and round trying to get him cleaned off. I managed to get the job done, with the help of a sink of water (about 1/2" deep), a misting bottle (water sprayer), and a towel. I know that what I did must have traumatized him, but after all was said and done, he got all the TLC I could give and he went back to his old self.<BR><B>MORAL OF TODAY'S STORY....NEVER TAKE YOUR GLIDER OUTSIDE WITHOUT HIM/HER BEING SECURE IN A POUCH</B>....even if you think he/she is your most trusted buddy, and would <B>NEVER</B> do anything like that. I know most of you are saying "<I>I told you so!!!</I>."<BR>I guess I am just like any other idiot out there, and thought I knew better.<P>------------------<BR>John, Monica & the "Roo Croo", =^o^=Rowdy [][/] , Rosie [][/] , Evie [][/] and Roz Roo [][/] =^o^=<p>[This message has been edited by Rowdy Glider (edited 12-02-2001).]

#2726 - 12/02/01 09:18 PM Re: Bad news...turned good (sorry, long) [Re: ]
PepPony Offline
Glider Slave

Registered: 11/27/01
Posts: 2088
Murphy's Law rears its ugly head again! Just when you think you've got them all figured out.... It was good of you to share this story because there are many new glider owners checking posts. Inevitably, someone would have taken their glider out of the pouch and it could get away from them as well. But their story might have ended on a more tragic note. Never getting their glider back or worse! Consider the paintball episode a learning experience for you and a teaching experience for others. It takes a real man or woman to admit when they are wrong or did not use their best judgement. You are now the wiser for this traumatic scenario. You were lucky to get your glider back and for this be thankful. I know you have saved someone some inner turmoil by telling your story.<BR> John (Rocky & Adrienne)

#2727 - 12/02/01 10:45 PM Re: Bad news...turned good (sorry, long) [Re: ]

I know all too well the fear you must have been going thru at the time. And until I read that you had him and he was ok, I was scared for you. But then I started mentally picturing a grown man chasing a little glider thru the trees and then the paintballs and him the poor thing being covered in paint and had to laugh a little! I imagine he was pretty ticked off with you when you got done! Hopefully, he will soon forgive you and your scratches will heal, and the newbies will learn from this! And again, had it not ended well, I wouldn't have laughed! <BR>Chey<P>------------------<BR>AKA Gizmo and Puter's Mommy, also have female that is Gizmo's sister<BR>Glideritis is contagious and I am doing my best to spread it to everyone I know! I am a Sugar Glider Slave and proud of it!

#2728 - 12/03/01 05:53 AM Re: Bad news...turned good (sorry, long) [Re: ]

** Ohh my goodness** Im soo glad your buddy is back in doors safe and sound... My heart hit my toes during the story.. But I had to share a little laugh with Chey 28!!@LOL.... Just imagine how silly you looked lurking around looking for your Furr Butt while he played ( HIDE ON THE SILLY HUMAN)...LOL... But again thanks for posting it Im new to this board and I have taken mine out but so far only in their pouch... So at least I'll think about this post before I venture out....Lynne and her crew of 2 [][/]

#2729 - 12/03/01 08:57 AM Re: Bad news...turned good (sorry, long) [Re: ]

wow, that was close. my friend go a glider, and would watch how id let mine run aroubd inb the grass, and chase me, and thought shed try it. 3 dys after she got it, she called and was crying and said there glider was in a 30 foot oak tree. there are 3 girls in the family, one whos a little..*.*.*strange** anyhow, i came over with treats and a nest box. they almost had it twice, but the strnage one scared him. the glider eventually went to get the treats and curled up in the nest box, and they got him, but you do need to be very careful!<BR>Cassie and Crew

#2730 - 12/03/01 09:12 AM Re: Bad news...turned good (sorry, long) [Re: ]

Did you turn the paintball gun down at all?I know someone who hit a squirll and it died.Im sooo glad you got your baby back [][/]<P> [][/] [][/]<P>Josh n Bongo

#2731 - 12/03/01 06:30 PM Re: Bad news...turned good (sorry, long) [Re: ]

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR><font face="Verdana, Arial" size="3">Originally posted by Jawa:<BR><B>Did you turn the paintball gun down at all?I know someone who hit a squirll and it died.Im sooo glad you got your baby back [][/]<P> [][/] [][/]<P>Josh n Bongo</B></font><HR></BLOCKQUOTE><BR>No, I couldn't turn it down. It is an <B>OLD</B> PMI pump gun. There is no adjustment on them. I just made sure that I was hitting the tree at least a foot in front of keep the splatter, and the chance of hitting him, to a minimum.<P>BTW, I did try the shakey-treat trick...that had no effect on him....he was too happy playing haide and no see!!! After all was said and done, I, too also laughed.<P>------------------<BR>John, Monica & the "Roo Croo", =^o^=Rowdy [][/] , Rosie [][/] , Evie [][/] and Roz Roo [][/] =^o^=<p>[This message has been edited by Rowdy Glider (edited 12-03-2001).]

#2732 - 12/04/01 10:18 AM Re: Bad news...turned good (sorry, long) [Re: ]

Hehe, my glider Alex has gone up a tree once, but he was on a leash, I was taking him on his regular walk around the cicle drive we used to live at [][/] I don't give him walks anymore though, theres to many hawks and other preditors around where I live now [][/] oh well. Though, my glider can pretty much protect him self from dogs [][/] he just does that pencil sharpening sound and they run the other side of the property [][/]<BR>Well, I'm glad you got your glider back!<P>Best of Wishes! (and a happy Chistmas to all [][/])<P>------------------<BR>2 boys Mom<BR>Alex (a.k.a. Junk Food Boy)<BR>Zeus (a.k.a. Lick Frog) <BR>Rest in peace my little <BR>friend.


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