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#283226 - 05/09/07 08:02 PM Why did you switch??

Hey everyone. I know we're not supposed to do any diet bashing on here, but I have a question about people who have changed hopefully there will be a way where I can ask this and get answers without breaking that rule of GC. Maybe it's not even possible, but I'm going to try! Who knows!

Ok, I've heard good and bad things about many diets, and I know you're just supposed to do what works for you and what you feel is right, but is it okay to ask what diets you guys are feeding and in particular, why you're feeding that diet? I'm feeding my two the BML right now, and I just wanted to see if I could get some reasons for why people switched? Will that question comply with the rules?

Also if anyone has stuck with one diet throughout an entire life span, which diet was that and how old did your gliders live? I just want to make sure that I'm doing what's best for them in the long run.

Thanks in advance!

#283234 - 05/09/07 08:11 PM Re: Why did you switch?? [Re: ]
mattysmom Offline
Glider Guardian

Registered: 01/31/06
Posts: 1234
Loc: Tarpon Springs, FL
I used BML and had zero problems. I only switched because I adopted some gliders from Priscilla. Then I found her diet easier for me, personally, to make and less shopping to do - I have lots of gliders and like to be able to buy large quantities of oatmeal, wheat germ, applesauce, yogurt, calcium O.J... I hate grocery shopping.
Moira & Matty & my zoo

#283251 - 05/09/07 08:26 PM Re: Why did you switch?? [Re: mattysmom]
Srlb Offline
Glideritis Anonymous

Registered: 10/30/03
Posts: 16734
Loc: St. Johns, Florida
I tried BML, my gliders wouldnt eat it more than one or two nights in a row.
I then fed Happy Glider for a short while and than went with Darcy diet.
I took my gliders in for a wellness checkup and was recommended to get them off of Darcys diet as the ensure had too many vitamins in it for a gliders body.
At that time I was talking to Pockets and she was telling me about the PML diet. After talking to my vet I decided to try the High Protein diet. My vet told me to add bee pollen to it which I did. I was not able to feed everything that Pockets is able to feed with her PML diet plan and since my mixture is not the same as hers, I call it the HPW diet.
My gliders since switching them over is AMAZING. Thier coats are GORGEOUS, they are at good weights, they have no smell at all unless one of the females are in season and the males go on a marking spree. I could NOT be HAPPIER then my gliders being on the HPW diet. grin
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#283313 - 05/09/07 09:14 PM Re: Why did you switch?? [Re: Srlb]
Mel2mdl Offline
Glider Addict

Registered: 07/20/06
Posts: 4212
Loc: Garland, TX
I had my gliders on a bad diet before I knew better. I started BML 'cause my mother was taking care of them for a week and it was easier. Stayed with it 'cause they really like it. They go some days where they don't eat at all, then eat everything for a week. They've been on it for almost 10 months now. Doing fine. (Of course, I have to fight from second guessing myself - I read everything now!)
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#283315 - 05/09/07 09:22 PM Re: Why did you switch?? [Re: Mel2mdl]
princessmegi Offline
Serious Glideritis

Registered: 11/21/03
Posts: 6894
Loc: NW Missouri
I started Cerulean out on Priscilla's. About 6 months ago, I switched to PML because I heard how wonderful it was. I noticed no changes in Cerulean's coat and she stopped eating fruits and veggies. I then switched her back to Priscilla's. I am considering a change to HPW, but want to wait until MW SGGA to talk to Peggy and see her gliders in person and compare.

"My doctrine is this: that if we see cruelty or wrong that we have the power to stop, and we do nothing, we make ourselves sharers in the guilt." ~ Anna Sewell, English Novelist

#283698 - 05/10/07 11:48 AM Re: Why did you switch?? [Re: princessmegi]

I have been moving away from BML as it stands and to my own diet, BUT! I am a student of dietetics- soon to be a registered dietitian, I am working with multiple vets, and I will share end results EVENTUALLY, but right now I am making mods constantly to an extent.. because as I learn more, things change a bit.. and I am working on a balance of certain things, but how I reach that balance and what ingredients I'm using has changed with time...

The major reason I changed from Ernie's diet to BML, and now to my own diet is that Ukyo will starve herself rather then eat at a food bowl in general.. so I have to find diets I can get her to eat and eat consistantly.. and that she can pick up and carry enough of with her to not starve!


#283774 - 05/10/07 01:15 PM Re: Why did you switch?? [Re: Srlb]

Would you mind sharing the recipe for the HPW feeding plan?
Is this the "High Protein Wombaroo diet" that is found in the diet links? And, if so, are fruits & veggies fed freely or are there only certain ones that can be fed? thanks

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#283813 - 05/10/07 01:52 PM Re: Why did you switch?? [Re: ]
melek007 Offline
Glider Addict

Registered: 01/03/07
Posts: 3874
Loc: Eastern NC
None of my gliders were on proven diets when I got them. I had read about the SunCoast diet and really liked it. I put Alev on that when I got her; she did really well with it. My pair (Levent and Nese) adapted to it easily too. Also, the diet was kind of similar to what they were getting so it wasn't too big a change for them (they all had been exposed to bugs, fruit, and a staple food).
~ I miss my Alev, Nese & Levent ~

#283839 - 05/10/07 02:10 PM Re: Why did you switch?? [Re: melek007]
ValkyrieMome Offline
Glideritis Anonymous

Registered: 01/13/07
Posts: 10983
Loc: Denton, TX
My first glider was not on a proven diet. I found this site, and talked to some people here, and switched him to BML. He LOVES the BML. All my gliders were on BML and all liked it. But most nights they ONLY ate the BML, no fruits or veggies, which causes a diet imbalance.

I have recently switched them all to Judie's, because of the greater variety of fruits and veggies. Trying to find SOMEthing they'll eat! They seem to like Judie's just as much as the original BML, and seem to be trying more of the fresh food. Pears were a HUGE hit!
"Animals can communicate quite well. And they do. And generally speaking, they are ignored." Alice Walker

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#283855 - 05/10/07 02:23 PM Re: Why did you switch?? [Re: ]
BeckiT Offline
Glideritis Anonymous

Registered: 09/29/06
Posts: 16083
Loc: Manitowoc, WI
Originally Posted By: Wantiki2
Would you mind sharing the recipe for the HPW feeding plan?
Is this the "High Protein Wombaroo Diet" that is found in the diet links?

Yes, that is the HPW diet wink
~Becki & Crew~
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#283864 - 05/10/07 02:32 PM Re: Why did you switch?? [Re: Srlb]
ValkyrieMome Offline
Glideritis Anonymous

Registered: 01/13/07
Posts: 10983
Loc: Denton, TX
Peggy, the diet link says something like "1 T of fruits, 1 T of veggetables" -- I think. I'm paraphrasing.

Is there a list of specific fruits and veggies to use with HPW? What about with PML?
"Animals can communicate quite well. And they do. And generally speaking, they are ignored." Alice Walker

Mom to Valhalla; 6 cats; 1 macaw; 2 hedgehogs;
and very many great gliders!

(plus the 2 skin kids)

Kyrie, nothing will ever fill the hole you left in my heart.

#283879 - 05/10/07 02:43 PM Re: Why did you switch?? [Re: ValkyrieMome]
Holly1221 Offline
Glider Slave

Registered: 08/10/06
Posts: 2321
Loc: Maryland
i started out using BML like almost every1 else it seems. all 4 my 1st gliders loved it. Misos is on Priscilla's because the breeder i got them from feeds it- or at least a variation on it. i have to say, that now, looking back on how easy it is to make Priscilla's vs the BML. i could never find the right kinds of baby juice that BML calls for. plus it's a money saver. sooo much more easier on us all.
Holly & Jeff heart
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#283886 - 05/10/07 02:53 PM Re: Why did you switch?? [Re: BeckiT]

thanks I am sorry you are cry . Anything I can do to help? hug2

#283889 - 05/10/07 03:01 PM Re: Why did you switch?? [Re: Holly1221]
scraptilldawn Offline
Glider Guardian

Registered: 11/13/06
Posts: 803
Loc: Ontario, Canada
Mine started out on BML and I too found it more difficult to track down all the ingredients. I had to go to 3 different stores to get it all. I switched to Priscilla's for the main reasons that I like a Mammal multivitamin better and the option to serve a variety of fruits and veggies. Eating the exact same thing every day for the rest of their lives just didn't sit right with me.

#283900 - 05/10/07 03:20 PM Re: Why did you switch?? [Re: scraptilldawn]

Mine started out on BML, after a couple of years and after getting the new gliders I've switched to Priscilla's diet. I've been thinking about switching to HPW while the mommys are preggers...but haven't done it yet.

#284058 - 05/10/07 06:42 PM Re: Why did you switch?? [Re: ]

Thanks everyone! smile

#284176 - 05/10/07 09:35 PM Re: Why did you switch?? [Re: ]
glidergrl1513 Offline
Serious Glideritis

Registered: 12/21/03
Posts: 5725
Loc: Upstate NY
I was on BML, that's what I had my first gliders on. Back then, there was no "back to basics" you had to feed a variety of fruits/veggies, which I LOVED. Now that we've learned more though, there is a specific list of approved foods you can feed, and I just feel that that's too restricted.

I just ordered my stuff for Priscilla's diet earlier today, and then bought the ingredients. Hopefully my gliders will like it, since I like the idea of being able to feed more than just a few kinds of fruits.

#284229 - 05/10/07 11:09 PM Re: Why did you switch?? [Re: glidergrl1513]

Yeah, the past week or so mine two haven't been eating the BML mix, and I know it's not because it's freezer burnt because I just bought expensive no freezer burn bags!! smile Maybe I'll try the HPW diet??? I'll do some more researching. smile Thanks again all!


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