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by Terry
12/08/17 07:45 AM

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#2853 - 01/13/02 04:20 PM OMG That was close!!!

Just a few minutes ago I was surfing the Glider Central Message Board and I had both of my sugar gliders out in my pouch. I had my hand in there and I was petting them and feeding them treats. Well time flies when you are on this meassage board and I put my hand back into the pouch and Ushuaia was licking my hand. I looked into the pouch and saw her but I did not see Spikes. []images/icons/shocked.gif" border="0[/] I opened the pouch and he was gone. I have a 9,000 square foot Apartment I live in and I also own a cat. Which by the way was in the same room as the computer. I immediatly look at the cat went over and saw that my sugar glider was not there so I put him into a room that was already closed. I turned the radio off and I heard a sratching. Spikes, the missing glider had went from my sholder, accross the room, by the sleeping cat down the hall and into the cats litter box. Thank God that the cat did not have to go and that the cat did not wake up and attack poor defenceless Spikes. I checked him for any bite marks or sore spots and found that he had no injuries. Luckily he was fine. He got his freedom and I got my lesson. Not to have the gliders with me when I surf the net. I am so thankful things did not turn out worse. He is resting safely with his mate in their cage. I hope others will learn from this and not make the same mistake that almost cost me my <img src="graemlins/littleglider.gif" border="0" alt="glider" /> 's life. <p>Happy Gliding;
Ushuaia []images/icons/shocked.gif" border="0[/]

#2854 - 01/13/02 05:13 PM Re: OMG That was close!!! [Re: ]

Whew! So glad yours was a happy ending! <img src="graemlins/yelclap.gif" border="0" alt="clap" />

#2855 - 01/13/02 05:54 PM Re: OMG That was close!!! [Re: Anonymous]

AAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! That was definaltey a scary story, Im glad you were smart enough to put the cat away until you found glider-butt. Thank gosh it turned out well, i know others havent been so lucky. <img src="graemlins/thumb.gif" border="0" alt="thumb" />

#2856 - 01/13/02 06:03 PM Re: OMG That was close!!! [Re: ]

Good to hear it wasnt a fatal story, I know the feeling of your heart stopping for a second when you find something like that! I know it would scare me if my babe wandered away my cat pookie would LOVE to get his paws on her.. him and all his twenty-two toes!! heh heh

#2857 - 01/13/02 08:10 PM Re: OMG That was close!!! [Re: ]
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Ushuaia--A cold towel will take the heat out of your head and absorb the sweat now pouring down your forehead. LOL I am really thankful you were able to get your glider back in one piece! I think this was nice of you to post. I am sure many people have their gliders in a pouch or on their shoulder when surfing the net. It only takes a second to forget or just lean back and ---tragedy! I hope this is a reminder for all of us to be more careful. Again, I am glad everything is OK.
John (Rocky & Adrienne)


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12/05/17 03:48 PM
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