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#28867 - 11/05/04 11:03 AM Inbreeding Question

I've heard that it's ok to inbreed in certain situations, is this true. Like, it's ok if it's a brother and sister, but not a dad & daughter. This doesn't make sense to me, can antone explain?

#28868 - 11/05/04 11:14 AM Re: Inbreeding Question [Re: ]
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Since Sugar Gliders are really a small population in the US to start with, I would say inbreeding is a completely bad idea. I know some think mother/son or father/dau inbreeding with dogs is ok but I totally disagree with the practice.
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#28869 - 11/05/04 11:23 AM Re: Inbreeding Question [Re: ]

Inbreeding has the potential to be good and bad.
You would want to avoid inbreeding a brother and a sister or a mother to son. That might be a bit too close and they would be too genetically similar.

People inbreed to reinforce desirable traits, the problem is that it can reinforce undesirable traits as well, so if a person is planning on inbreeding, they should know exactly what kind of genes they are working with. The reason why it can reinforce bad traits and be the cause of deformities and the like is because the likelihood of two bad genes coupling is much higher when you are using a closely related gene pool.

Inbreeding has a bad rap, but it has also done some very interesting things. If a group of animals has a trait that you want to keep, it might be the only way to do it.

#28870 - 11/05/04 12:26 PM Re: Inbreeding Question [Re: ]
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Serious Glideritis

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Loc: Edwardsville, Kansas 66113 is the brother to sister breeding that is the worse. Reason and sister have 100% genetic gene copy.

Father to daughter or Mother to son is only 50% genetic gene copy.

Linebreeding is Inbreeding but to a lesser degree. This is were one breeds to aunts and uncles or cousins or grandfather/grandmother with an occassional out cross.

By being selective with linebreeding and occasionaly bringing in something more removed...will keep a line from becoming to tight. On the other hand...occassionaly a bad genetic trait can be introduced to a healthy line by out crossing. So one needs to research the line to determine wither or not it is sound.
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#28871 - 11/05/04 01:10 PM Re: Inbreeding Question [Re: ]

The reason I ask is that a friend of mine is wanting to get a brother/sister pair & not neuter the male. Someone told her that she didn't have to neuter the male because inbreeding between brother & sister wasn't a big deal. I just don't want to see her make a mistake with these little ones if she ever gets some. Plus, if my 2 new ones end up having joeys, it'll be good info for me to have too.

#28872 - 11/05/04 04:32 PM Re: Inbreeding Question [Re: ]

there is a very fine line between inbreeding and line breeding.
inbreeding is done without regard or record or too close in relation such as siblings,that would be duplications of the same genes and there for a high risk for genetic defects and weaknesses that can then be carried for several generations.small sizes and poor health will become a common problem if it is not done correctly.
Line breeding is done with animals who have relations (aswell as unrelated) but donnot share genes to closely,a father and daughter can and are on occasion used depending on the situation and desired goal, can be bred together becuse atleast half of the genes are not in duplication. this requires breeding back and skipping gerneations of relation,more often unlces are bred to neices and thing sof that nature,the next gen would be entirely unrelated to restrengthen and then the following may again be a distant relation.There is no reason to do this without a valid reason or if unexperienced with doing it.There should be a full understanding of genetics for anyone who takes on line breeding too,mistakes can easily be made. extensive record keeping is a must.
Obtaining a mutation or expanding the lines in rare animals are two main reason this is done in animals.
It should never be done involving hybrids.
In the glider captive world,the hybrids are white tips or those carrying white tip genes,this are a diffrent subspecies making them indeed hybrids,which can take 10 or more genrations of breeding back to pure form before it can be considered unpolluted once again so bringing that into a line can be a huge mistake as genetically it is considered a pollution to a line,which is important to understand in line breeding aswell as regualr breeding.
Starting with the top largest and healthiest gliders u can find will also be an imprortant factor in lne breeding,inferror or undersized gliders should not be used in such a long term project as line breeding.

#28873 - 11/05/04 05:32 PM Re: Inbreeding Question [Re: ]

So basically I should tell her that if she wants joeys, she needs to make sure they aren't brother /sister. Otherwise, she should have the boy neutered? She doesn't want to be a breeder, I think she just wants to let hers have joeys once before she gets the male neutered.

#28874 - 11/05/04 06:00 PM Re: Inbreeding Question [Re: ]

i would definitly tell her that,as it is very important.
sounds like u are the perfect glider gaurdian for her,it's always nice to have the help,hopefully she understands your reasoning.
good luck

#28875 - 11/05/04 08:01 PM Re: Inbreeding Question [Re: ]

Thanks for your help!

#28876 - 11/05/04 10:45 PM Re: Inbreeding Question [Re: ]

any time <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/laugh.gif" alt="" />


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